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Revalidation Of My Passion For IJEDE! ~ Hon Oluwatosin Onamade


Apr 26, 2020

Screenshot_20200426-113307Ikorodu News Network is a platform that beacons credibility and activism of individuals in different fields of profession and crafts. And when success is in play, it only gives way to ambitious and focused Leaders in the society. Today we shall be viewing leadership through the lens of Hon Oluwatosin Onamade. His plans, vision and clear objectives as a promising leader in Ikorodu.

Hon Oluwatosin Onamade is from IJEDE LCDA, Oke Eletu area of Ikorodu. He schooled generally in Lagos State for both his Primary & Secondary Education. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Lagos State University, Ojo Lagos. He did another course in Public Administration and also did his Masters in Public Administration from the same institution.IMG-20200426-WA0004~2

Apart from the aforementioned degrees above, he has a Diploma in Computer Study in Logos Institute, Diploma in Funeral management in United kingdom and a Certificate in Cremation Operation and Services in B&L Cremation System Inc. Florida, United States of America.

Hon Oluwatosin Onamade is a member and pioneer president, Association of Mortician in Nigeria. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Western Funeral Home Ltd and Lyt Onas Limited with a professional certificate in Cremation Operation and services.

Hon. Onamade has travelled to different countries around the world with alot of international experience on both local and national issues & he has been a peacemaker within the communities.IMG-20200426-WA0019~2

As a Stakeholder and trend setter in the community He was honoured & given a meritorious Award by the CDC of Ijede LCDA.

Hon. Onamade has created a lot of positive impacts on people’s lives without considering political party affiliations or religious links. He has constantly supported child education by granting scholarships to vulnerable students that covers tuition fee, GCE forms, Jamb forms, Tutorials, Training and holiday coaching. He has constantly sponsored football competitions, vocational trainings and other interesting programs to support the youths.

With his clear interest on making impact in the community We decided to ask him about his future plans and vision for Ijede LCDA.IMG-20200418-WA0052~2

When it comes to the overall affairs of our community I am deeply concerned and committed to making an impact in some strategic areas like Security, Education, Youth Empowerment, Social Amenities, Infrastructures and So on.

I will endeavour to improve the quality of our institutions and ensure there is free transportation for all our pupils to and fro.

Our pupils will be entitled to one new uniform yearly and an extra free lessons.
Free school bus will be provided for teachers and also free education from primary to secondary level in capacity of our local council.

I will ensure there is an improved road transportation network by grading all the roads yearly for easy access. And I will see to building a public infrastructure for youth employment and development of our community.Screenshot_20200426-113435

For Ijede LCDA I want to enhance a measure of creating local government markets at all areas of Ijede LCDA.

We shall be able to comply with the local government commission’s rule which mandates Ijede LCDA to recruit level 1-6 (Workers both Indigenes and non indigenes) within the local areas under Ijede LCDA.

We shall work on an empowerment programs for youths, women, elders, artisans and traders with the aim of reducing the level of poverty.Screenshot_20200426-113540

We shall be holding a monthly town hall meetings at different locations within Ijede LCDA for unity, progress and development.

We shall create the possibility of having free drugs at our health care centres and upgrading our health institutions to standard.

We shall seek investment aids from business men and international companies towards providing industries, business centres and educational assistance to Ijede LCDA residence.Screenshot_20200409-202300

We shall embark on creating boreholes with either generators or solar panel source of power supplies for our communities under Ijede LCDA.

For the sake of an adequate security we shall effectively address the issue of gun violence and cultism by getting our youths engaged in a more productive and positive endeavours.

Vans will be provided for all our security personnel and also street lights will be positioned across all Communities under Ijede LCDA while curbing off all forms of human rights violations.
And in addition we shall provide CCTV cameras to help intensify our security agencies.IMG-20200411-WA0034

This can never be done alone, But with a collective efforts, it will become reality and we shall be all blessed to make this community indeed a land of Cool Breeze and Acquatic Splendor.

Our people have come a long way and we must now begin to partake in the social economic and technological advancements of the nation.

God bless Ikorodu

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