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Apr 27, 2020

IMG-20200427-WA0023~2We are now in the fourth week of this State wide lockdown with intents and purposes to join forces with our Government and Medical practitioners to help combat this health crisis known as CoVid-19 or Coronavirus.

It is very ironic that as a community we had our own lockdown earlier this year due to an unforeseen circumstances arising from Cultism in our land.

The event was horrifying and shocking to say the least, Though it wasn’t the first time we have experience this carnage but looking at our agendas and positive spirit coming into 2020 for the betterment for prosperity sake, It was really bad and disturbing.

A story that till this day will never make sense to a layman or a civilized individual that seeks for peace and tranquillity in the community.

According to the report we heard the dispute started on that fateful Sunday evening but the retaliation entered the following week and brought the community to a stand still.

We were in absolute fear and trepidation as dead bodies was seen in different areas of the region. It was so tensed that businesses and other institutions was halted and closed down due to the carnage.IMG-20200427-WA0019~2

Even the Churches and Mosques were closed for a week as residents were so afraid of leaving their homes for fear of the unknown.

Some inhabitants fled from their homes as they received information threatening their safety.

Due to the sad & bloodshed occurrence the region was later overwhelmed with the presence of different security agencies from Police, SARs etc

In the silence and dissertation was an atmosphere of hopelessness and dryness in the land like never before experienced.

Though the securities was able to defuse the tension and bring the community back to its original state, but It was beginning to play obviously that we are not safe in our community knowing that this kind of crisis can reoccur for reasons that these youths are very much around with no direction and guidance.IMG-20200427-WA0024~2

The mainstream media on the other hand are very quick to pick up these fashion of storylines which has always given Ikorodu a negative scope, And clearly hindering our Extraordinary Art/Cultural and Tourism/Social Economic endowments.

We must now be truthful with ourselves even with our fight against CoVid-19, We have a lingering problem under our noses and right in our backyard affecting our community which must be resolved as soon as possible, Because it seems, There was no concrete solution put in place to give this predicament a long-term solution or better yet a permanent remedy.

Thus I began to sober reflect on what has transpired and why we now have such a diabolical problems on our hands. I thought to myself;IMG-20200427-WA0020~2

  •  As leaders where have we gotten it wrong in presiding over the affairs of our community?
  • What kind of youths are we now grooming to eventually assume positions of taking charge of our community?
  • Are we actually sure that IJEDE LCDA is opened conducively for business to thrive and foster economic growth?
  • Are both Indigenes and non indigenes satisfied with the present state of our community?
  • Is there any in-ground structure or advance System in play to safe guard the future of IJEDE LCDA youths?

In as much as I would take notting away from most our leaders and Representatives on behalf of this region it is still certain that we need to come to terms with alot of challenges we are facing in order to render adequate solutions to them.IMG-20200427-WA0026~2

Our landscape is beautiful and great, It has a base that can enhance first class growth like any region in the world. If we can actually tap into what we have positively then huge accomplishments will be met.

Our Youths on the other hand has alot of role to play positively in contributing their own quarter to the system, But if they are not adequately empowered, What would be their basic input to the growth and development of the community?

It is time for us to build our community the right way, It is time to rewrite our image for positivity, We need to let our young ones know that cultism is never the way to go if you want to be a good residents of IJEDE LCDA.IMG-20200427-WA0021~2

We should make it ‘A’;

  • Youth inclusiveness Structure
  • Leadership orientation System
  • Betterment Empowerment Programs
  • Support for Small scale Businesses

The reason why we learn and copy from the west too much is because they have a structure that permits anyone to achieve their dreams legally, And if we work together to create such structures here then we shall get equivalent results.

I want to urge all our youths at this point to discard cultism and stay away from Community violence of all kind. It is time for us to see better possibilities in IJEDE and IKORODU in general. We can create a better impression about this Wonderfully blessed landscape by us projecting what we truly stand for.IMG-20200427-WA0022~3

We are Home to;

  • Culture
  • Tourism
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Business

I Honorable Oluwatosin Onamade urges every youths in IJEDE LCDA/ IKORODU Today & Together Let’s say NO to CULTISM and YES to a positive lifestyle that will open us for a better future that comes ahead.

Stay Healthy

Stay At Home

Stay SafeIMG-20200427-WA0027~2



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