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‘Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop’ Leadership Discourse 101


Jun 8, 2020

20200608_070457-COLLAGEThe First Phase Of the Leadership Discourse theme Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop took place on the 7th of June 2020.

The Discourse is an initiative to support youths and teenagers alike in advancing a better way of life amidst the current norms of social vices, Rape, Cultism, unemployment etc.

Ikorodu News Network hosted Hon Balogun Rotimi from Ikorodu North LCDA & Hon Oluwatosin Onamade Ijede LCDA in Ikorodu on an educative, analysing debate session which lasted for over 3hours highlighting the problems and Challenges facing the youth today,  With further Contributions & suggested Solution to foster remedy in the process of youth development and community growth.comica1591555263330

“Whatever area you find yourself in creating good employment opportunities for our Youths, there shouldn’t be segregation perceived from that Platform” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade.

Among the topics buttressed in the Session;

  • 1. How can we make the youths Realise that their voice matters to the community?

  • 2. How can we give the youths tools to collaborate with the Communities for the sake of development.

  • 3. How can we encourage our youths to apply passion in their Different fields to enhance productivity.

  • 4. PostCovid-19: Leadership Plans for youth empowerment in Ikorodu.

“We have alot of bright Intelligent children in Ikorodu today that if followed up curriculum wise, they would be subjects to Community changes, It is because of poor parenting and negative influences along their paths that changed the course of their lives” Hon Balogun Rotimi.comica1591554746697

The Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop Leadership Discourse brought Hon Oluwatosin Onamade and Hon Balogun Rotimi together for the first time in their respective careers with the goal to Synergizes expertise and harmonize efforts for effecting grassroot adjustments.


“Just like I have said before, Poor parenting can easily utter the life of a child, So why not we work out ways for the government to implement measures of appropriating Special student Councillors to all our Public schools.

This Councillors would be responsible for shaping the mindsets of our children and also given them platforms to speak out about their basic concerns and shortcomings, This will allow their focus not to be deterred” Hon Balogun Rotimi.

“Such an implementation that has to do with the educational growth of our children should be championed by our Representatives at the State level in order to involve SUBEB and hasten the progress. And also there needs to be Sensitisation from both primary and secondary schools on this effect to put the message out there” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade.comica1591602365996


“On the issue of Cultism, It should no longer be seen as ‘Secret Cult’, The problem is very obvious now, So it must be openly addressed without fear or trepidations, Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Workshop Initiative intends to open doors to every renounced cult members.

Knowing the risks involved when a member eject themselves from the confraternities, We are looking at using the Initiative to serve as both a Rehabilitation Centre and Empowerment centre for each person’s as long as they are ready to turn their lives around.

They will be shown the right path and monitored consecutively” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade.

“I am really excited to lend my Support to this awesome platform and Initiative because honestly speaking enough is enough to the issue of Cultism in our land.comica1591602759739

This Challenge is not just only destroying the image of our great heritage, It is also killing every current efforts been put in place by our leaders to engender growth and development in this region.

It should be called out like it is and people should not be afraid to say it anymore because it is making our communities unsafe, Too many of our young people are dying weekly due to this dangerous path they have ventured into” Hon Balogun Rotimi.


“Some of the Empowerment Programs been projected today has low valued or weak certifications, This also implies that the opportunities to arise from the training platform would eventually amount to Notting for the individual aside from the skills they acquired.

In this sense we must begin to upgrade our Empowerment Programs by seeking greater partnerships and collaborations in order to create rooms for greater transformation in the lives of the youths” Hon Balogun Rotimi

“The Fact that you supply woods or you mainly deal with woods doesn’t make you the rightful owner even if you control the forest. The carpenter is the owner of the wood because he is the one that can carve out the wood to achieve its utilities at any level or stage.

I said that because in the issue of Empowerment we are experiencing misplaced priorities most times which makes the programs mostly amounts to Notting in the lives of our youths.

Our leaders must begin to scrutinize the process thoroughly and monitor it like I said earlier for Effectiveness.” Hon Oluwatosin Onamade

To Be Continued20200608_070457-COLLAGE



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