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Feb 7, 2021

1. Use heat. 2. Avoid sugar, carbonated beverages,alcohol and caffeine/coffee. Also cut on salts. 3. Reduce stress. 4. Drink loads of water. 5. Exercise regularly. 6. Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids are helpful. 7. Massage with essential oils. 8. If the pain is still severe you can use an NSAID, preferably piroxicam, it is more effective in handling menstrual cramps. Don’t take more than 40mg in a day and make sure to take it with food as it can irritate the stomach.

-Use heating pad (which you can order online) but if you can’t, get a cloth, soak it in hot water (not too hot) press the water out and keep the cloth on your lower abdomen. Substitute cold water with warm water it will help your body better deal with the menstrual cramps.

-Sugar is inflammatory and will worsen your menstrual cramps.

-Carbonated beverages contain loads of sugar and also they can make you feel bloated, you don’t need that when you are dealing with your cramps.

-Alcohol can worsen your cramps. Alcohol consumption can lead to dehydration this creates room for more cramps.

-Caffeine/coffee can cause narrowing of the blood vessels thereby worsening your cramps. Caffeine can also result in you feeling bloated thereby increasing your cramps.

-Salt contains sodium, consuming more of this can lead to water retention and bloating as such worsening your cramps.

-Cut on stress and try to relax. Stress can only increase the level of free radicals in your body, which will only end up worsening your cramps.

-it is always good to stay hydrated by drinking loads of water. This will help your body better deal with the situation.

-As odd as it sounds, exercising can help provide relief from menstrual cramps. Exercise including sex can help provide relief from cramps in certain women.

-Taking vitamin E 3days before you period start can help reduce menstrual cramps.

-Massaging with essential oil is one of the ways that can be of help in managing menstrual cramps. Here is a video on how to do the massage.

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