Pupils from Uncle Bayus School Ginti Ikorodu visited Oshodi Art Gallery for a Valentine special exhibition treat.

The adventure took place on the 11th and 12th of February 2021, which saw both the junior and senior arms of the school visiting the gallery.

With status that depicts Child Abuse, Youthful Exuberance and Iconic images of Liberating Leaders, the school students was filled with utmost excitement and exhilaration as they migrated to different sections of the Gallery.

Students were shown round and gallery and told stories on the different art collections by Representatives and also opened doors for questions and answers.

Practical drawings of some of the characters and art displays at the Gallery were given to the pupils at intervals as they were all amazed by the sight of art collections in the Gallery.

After exploration, The students were also nurtured on the basic steps to creating tye and dye on both a theoretical and practical side.

“We are doing this in order to bring the students in Ikorodu closer to Art, crafts and creativity. It has been a learning process for all of them” Dr Oshodi Seyi

“Am very sure some of the pupils will also urge their parents to bring them back here again because the experience was fascinating for all of them” Dr Oshodi Seyi Added

“It is the season of valentine and we are set to show Ikorodu love in Art Expression of Different dimension” Dr Oshodi Seyi Added

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