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Feb 16, 2021 , ,

The attention of the people of Ikorodu Division has been drawn to a bill in the floor of the House of Assembly seeking to redelineate the Division of Lagos State such that Ikorodu, Kosofe and Somolu will form a new Division. After due consideration of the issue, we hereby express our disapproval of the proposal.

The I.B.I.L.E configuration of the Divisions is a product of history and long relationship among the people of Lagos State and has been so recognized by law since 1972.

Ikorodu Division is composed of towns and communities speaking Ijebu Language and have cultural and historical relationships spanning centuries even before the creation of the State and are pleased with themselves while having cordial relationship with neighbours and other citizens of the State.

While the IBILE formula has been the basis for sharing values in the State for a long time, it appears that the formula has been relegated with the consequential marginalization of our Division. The proposed formula therefore will only exacerbate our case as we will now share such values with those who are comfortable with their own Division.

While ‘Administrative Division’ is not constitutionally recognized, it remains a units for sharing of values which must not be configured by whims and caprices of the Assembly members without due consultation with the effected people.

In the circumstance, the House is expected to draw inference from the provisions of S. 8 of the 1999 Constitution with regards to the delineation and creation of Local Governments requiring the input of the Local Government and the people directly vide a referendum.

It is noteworthy that our representative in the Assembly has voiced our dissent and going ahead even with that evinces a lack of regard for our feelings.

For all the good reasons that our own Lagos State House of Assembly, particularly the movers and proponents of the bill have in mind in proposing the law, it is not in the interest of the existing Ikorodu Division. Our prayer is for the House of Assembly to assist us to put the machinery in motion to make the LCDA’s Stand as full pledge Local Governments and to ensure a redelineation that will give us additional slots in the House of Representatives.

Sequel to consultations with Traditional rulers and leaders of thought, an assembly of the people of Ikorodu Division held on Sunday 14th instant therefore urges that further consideration of the proposal should be jettisoned while the energy is directed towards supporting the good projects and policies of the ‘Babajide Sanwoolu’ Government.

Not withstanding the foregoing, Ikorodu Division has always been a progressive community and a major stakeholder in the government of Lagos State working harmoniously with other community and stakeholders. We therefore continue to pledge our support for the government while demanding our due share of the dividends of democracy.

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