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Mar 3, 2021 ,

The dynamic and innovative Community Media Entrepreneur, Omo’ba ’Peju Akinyemi who is the Founder/CEO of Ikorodu Oga Radio has added another feather to his ever-growing media concerns.

Akinyemi made history in 2016 when he launched the Ikorodu Oga Radio- Nigeria’s First Online Community Radio. This was after about a decade of publishing grassroots business publication, Trades & Contacts Magazine and Owan’be Magazine, dedicated to event coverage and reportage.

His latest innovation, R’erin S’oke- Laugh-Out-Loud in English Language is a Yoruba Comedy TV Channel, established to redefine the Yoruba Comedy sector, with unique contents for the global Yoruba Nollywood audience on the popular YouTube channel and social media platforms.

Speaking on the idea behind the comedy TV Channel, Omo’ba Akinyemi explained that, R’erin S’oke is a culmination of about 6 years of research work on how to create global standard Yoruba comedy contents for the teeming global film and TV audience. He explained that the inspiration behind the new channel was to assist Nigerians, who are hardworking people to relieve their stress.

‘R’erin S’oke Comedy TV Channel is aimed at helping Nigerians to diffuse the myriad of stress and tension caused by insecurity, traffic, epileptic power supply, unemployment and many other stress triggers confronting them on a daily basis. This is in line with the popular saying that laughter is medicine to the body’ he said.

On the choice of the name R’erin S’oke, Omo’ba Akinyemi explained that, following the aftermath of the 2020 #EndSARS protests, otherwise dubbed, ‘S’oro S’oke’ and the negative memories created by the restiveness, he saw a need to create a comic and positive angle to the protest, hence R’erin S’oke, meaning Laugh Out Loud!

He added that, beyond the YouTube videos, R’erin S’oke would also launch its live stand-up comedy shows which will be moved across Nigeria’s major cities once the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.

Unknown to many, Omo’ba Akinyemi started his media career in 1993 as an actor on the set of the now rested popular NTA Soap, Checkmate, produced by the late Filmamaker, Amaka Igwe. He also had a stint with the growing Yoruba film industry between 1995-1998. This was years before he  joined Advertising from where he resigned in 2005 to venture into community Journalism, Printing and Publishing on full time basis.

R’erin S’oke Comedy TV Channel has released its official channel trailer and its first set of comedy skits all of which has now gone viral.

You can watch R’erin S’oke Comedy Skits @ rerinsoketv on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook

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