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Mar 8, 2021

The Media Industry in Nigeria saw the birth of another conglomerate on the 6th of March 2021 at the heart Of Maryland in Lagos State as DLONG MEDIA Inaugurates and Commissions it’s sophisticated media assets in a grand style.

With a full-fledged and functional multimedia studio. DLONG MEDIA specialises in the production and creation of value-driven media contents for national development, social awareness, growth, behavioural and attitudinal change for the purpose of entertainment, information and reformation.

Showcasing the best of what the Organisation has to offer, The event also dignified it’s managing director Mr Dayo Longe, who’s birthday was a day prior to the Commissioning event.

The launching saw families, friends, well wishers and media Practitioners from Nollywood gracing the event including in-house casts and crews from DLONG MEDIA.

In it’s proceedings the programme featured a walk through tour of the different sections of the media Organisation (after it’s Commissioning) culminating with visual presentations of varieties of contents created which the company produced Including ‘The Learner’s Cut’, Being Teen With Divine Amongst others.

Also an interactive session for guests to make Comments, suggestions & Contributions over yet to be released materials was made possible.

It should also be noted that DLONG Media’s programme ‘The Learner’s Cut’ is presently airing on TVC, STV, OGTV & ITV Benin Respectively.

After the Commissioning, both the Members of the Press and Stakeholders present were all taken on a tour by the Managing Director Of DLONG MEDIA, Mr Dayo Longe to various departments of the company which includes the below sections;

DLONG Photography: Takes memorable pictures in a fully functional photography studio for photo shoots and for rentals.

DLONG Music Production: A state of the art music studio for mastering, recording, engineering, mastering and so on.

Meeting Rooms: A big sized room with modern facilities for meetings, workshops and trainings.

Filming Studio: A studio space for TV programmes and shows.

Filming Equipment: State of the art filming equipments.

The Learner’s Cut is a 30 minutes show that offers a platform for Short Filmmakers to showcase their works and be seen. It also features a special segment to discuss notions, practices, and theories in the film industry by Veterans, Practitioners, and Film Enthusiasts.

Being Teen with Divine is an offshoot from the Being Teen Club. It is a 30 minutes weekly TV show where Divine, a young and vibrant
girl, at her prime of teenagehood, takes the audience through the lives, gists, and challenges of teens whenever her friends
Come around to visit.

Austin Okosa, Producer of a short flick Titled ‘Loop’ which was screened by The Learner’s Cut and was subsequently voted for amongst other short movies won a grant of 5million naira to develop and expand his Creative Capacity courtesy of DLONG MEDIA.

“This is a rare opportunity for me and I must project accordingly to make this investment count” Austin Okosa

“The concept of the ‘Loop’ flick was actually good enough to get me to this level, Special thanks to The Learner’s Cut team & also to everyone that voted for me via social media. But now I Have to create a more sophisticated full movie that can meet with the cinema standard”

“Hardwork as a virtue Takes a career Driven person towards Thier dreams and aspirations, my message to other young producers and even myself is to be resilient and Fervent in our Creativity” Austin Okosa Added

Busola olufilmist as she’s popularly referred to on The Learner’s Cut TV program (is general manager and Creative Director of DLONG MEDIA) who also served as a second Host of the event stated that the media Organisation is capable of meeting up to any International standards, Ready to go the distance.

“Looking at our Different presentation of contents and the unveiling of our modern facilities, one thing is certain that we’re taking our game to the next level. If you’ve have been following us then we’re just getting started” Busola olufilmist

“The Learner’s Cut gives opportunities to short film producers, Shows like the Being Teen With Divine is for the Kids which was birth out of our Being Teen Club

“Aside from the Tv show, The Teens club also organises other programs like school Escourtion, games and adventures. Sometimes we invite guests to the club to engage our kids as we also use the medium to create a career Pathways for them” Busola olufilmist Added

According to the Managing Director, The Media brand has been functioning for 2years,  Outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic fluctuated the effectiveness of the company.

“We released ‘Night Crawlers’ Last year December in Cinemas, But you know last year had alot of Challenges that would stall any great vision” Mr Dayo Longe

“But now we are ready for the world with the best of our Capacity”

“When it comes to partnership, we’re looking at private brands and also the Lagos State Government to come and work with us because we Understand the outcome of Collective efforts

“We also have the Institutional arm of this Organisation which means we’re going a whole nine yard to project Media and add more value” Mr Dayo Longe Added

DLONG School Of Art, Films And Communications is a reputable higher Institution For learning with the ultimate goal to consciously promote knowledge through quality communication of information and the relevant intersection of theory and practical.

The school also aims to develop young minds in innovative, entrepreneurial and technical studies with a special interest in bridging the gap between learning and practice.

Upcoming projects from the DLONG MEDIA includes; This-Ish (Talk Show), The Estate (Telenovela Serial), Some Homes Have’em (Sitcom/Series), Being Teen & Styling (Series) & Being A Man (Feature Film).

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