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Mar 12, 2021

Hon Abdul Hakeem Olawale akinjobi Is A Real Estate businessman, CEO of Rizakeem International Company and a grassroot Politician, (A BSC holder in marketing, He graduated from the Lagos State University {LASU}).

Born in 1981, he is a father of 3, An Indigene of Ijede LCDA and Son of The Chief Imam, Alhaji Sulaiman Olatunji Akinjobi.

Ikorodu News Network met with the Youth leader to ascertain his position and intentions for running to become the next Chairman Of Ijede LCDA in Ikorodu.

“I have been Politically inclined since 1997 and I did part time schooling in order for me to be relevant in the Political arena. I was actually lured into Politics by my mum (MRS MISTURA OLAIDE OWOYELE) back then, she was known as ‘The Iron Lady'” Hon Hakeem Olawale

“In Ijede LCDA I was once a youth leader of the Alliance Youth Congress (AYC), Where I ensured that there was no challenges and making sure our youths are well educated” Hon Hakeem Olawale Asserted

The Youth leader attested that he has been up and doing in terms of assisting people around the community and making lives better for Residents in the region, which gave him massive support from inhabitants consecutively.

“It is due to my extensive support towards individual growth and development that led to the push I gained from market men and women in 2011 when I first ran for the Chairmanship Position. In 2015 I ran again but the incumbent chairman won. Now in 2021, I am coming out fully because I believe my time has come” Hon Hakeem Olawale akinjobi

Elucidating his plans if he emerged as chairman of Ijede LCDA, Hon Hakeem Olawale akinjobi stated that One key reason, The local community development area of Ijede lacks adequate revenue is due to the absence of MARKETS and GARAGES across the region.

“Ijede LCDA (which was carved out from Ikorodu as Ikorodu Constituency 2 to form Irepodun LG) was created in 2003 under the leadership of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu”

“In 2006 when we had the last censors in Ijede LCDA it was recorded that our population was 1.6million, Which I believe by now must have  exceeded. Our Farming system and Fisheries which is actually our major occupation source has been dilapidated over the years due to negligence and abandonment

“Pollution of our water and infrastructural neglect is the reason why our main source of occupation has been dented”

“With that said let me just highlight what I intend to do for the good people of Ijede LCDA if I become the Chairman”


If we allocate the right funds and capable Manpower to these strategic areas that can actually create Employment and raise Revenues, it will be of immense benefit to Ijede LCDA. Due to reasons that people are not been sensitised on the value attached to farming and fishing, That area has been abandoned.

After provision of the basic Facilities/equipments needed, A Synergy to cultivate fish farming and other forms of Agriculture will be effectively looked into. We are close to the waterways and much attention should be exerted in that industry.


With what I have said above, It will be an icing on the cake for us to establish more public markets in Ijede LCDA at strategic areas in the community.

Reviving the Farming and fisheries business means a market must be on standby for the raw products to be assembled and sold for good prices. If we hence introduce more markets in this community, You would see how profitability will be the order of the day.

In addition to the market, Short term loans will be given through their trader’s union in order to support their business growth and development in Ijede LCDA

1. Old People Support Scheme
2. Health Care Scheme Initiative
3. Stipends For The Vulnerable & Widows
4. Stipends For The Senior Citizens in Ijede LCDA etc.


Transportation in Ikorodu has been a good source of income for us but if you look at our communities, it is obvious that we lack garages for our buses and Keke Maruwa.

There are not enough parks for our road transporters in Ijede LCDA which makes the system congested and hardened.

(Garage aid intrastate transportation), Thus I will ensure more garage are created to maximize transportation profits.


(For the safety of lives and property) I will go a long way to engage the young ones and youths, Bringing them together to empower them on the need to get their hands busy at all times. The reason there is tension is because the level of unemployment is high. So I will look into their individual skills and find means to help them.

I will liaise with the local security agencies and ensure they work together with the police force in our LCDA to curb the issue of Insecurities at a larger scale.

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