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A rainy (March 13th) Saturday at the heart of Ikorodu central couldn’t prevent Ikorodu Metropolitan Lions Club from rendering their traditional service to humanity.

Tagged ‘The International Women’s Day With The Widows’, The Program took place at The Teachers House (Nigeria Union Of Teacher’s Secretariat, Ikorodu Chapter) in Ikorodu.

Marking the International Women’s Day, The club seized the medium to reach out to 50 Widows In Ikorodu by disseminating food palliative to all windows Present.

With Club Volunteer members present in their normal uniformity, The widows were cordially Recieved and informed of subsequent Supports from the club till October 2021.

The Widows whom were picked randomly during the course of the program was Admonished by the club’s President, Lion Mrs Adefunke Oluranti Esan NLCF on the need to stay firm and sustain their respective families.

“I am a professional Teacher and also a woman Advocate with no husband, Which means I am a widow like you, And I Know how it feels to be the only one taking care of the family. It implies that we must take our responsibilities as a form of motivation and Encouragement in order for us not to be quenched by the challenges that comes with it” Lion Adefunke Esan

“Whatever we’re giving you today doesn’t indicate permanent Sustainability, But our passion to support humanity in the best possible way we can for a better society must resonant with your motivation” Lion Adefunke Esan Added

The service chairperson of Ikorodu Metropolitan Lions Club (Lion Tunji Oredipe) stated that the essence of the program is to Encourage widows to stand firm in their homes and also to pass a message to other women on the need not to stay Idle, but instead be productive.

“Not all families are fortunate to celebrate marriage Anniversaries together, Life is full of ups and downs, this is why we are also using this program to caution women not to be a sit at home mother, Find something doing and also be a source of support to your families so that you don’t get stranded if the unfortunate occurs” Lion Tunji Oredipe NLCF

The immediate past President of the Ikorodu Metropolitan Lions Club (Lion Ahmed Ajayi NLCF) in his vote of thanks praised the windows for standing in the gap to keep their respective families safe and sound, Stating that their efforts as the backbone of the family cannot be overemphasize for the coexistence of livelihood.

“We’re proud of all mothers, Be it widows or non widows and we pray for Continuous strength upon our mothers in keeping their families together” Lion Ahmed Ajayi

Also present to support were members of  Ikorodu Laspotech Leo Club.

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