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Mk 6:2 GOD’S wisdom is not the wisdom of mighty words, but words. 1 cor 2:4
Matt 7:11, 2 pet 1:3 God wants us settled in all area’s of our lives.
Settlement in the kingdom begins with being born again. John 3:3, mk 4:11
We must beware of appropriating salvation.
Salvation is an experience we have when we turn to God and accept Him into our lives.
Gal 5:19-23
Our journey to settlement begins with redemption. Eph 2:5-6
We are redeemed to be far above all the forces of unsettlement that afflict the world roundabout us. Eph 1:20-21
Hos 4:6, John 8:32, isa 5:13
We celebrate what we know, but we are a victim of what we don’t know.
We are redeemed as children of light.
Eph 6:12, John 1:5, Eph 5:8
Let’s work with the consciousness of the children of light. 1 thes 5:5
There’s no gross darkness that have the capacity to resist the force of light.

We serve a covenant keeping God and every provision of scriptures delivers on the platform of the covenant. Acts 2:38
There’s what to do to get what you want.
Mk 6:6 Settlement is GOD’S will but there’s what we must do to realise it.
1 John 3:7, rev 5:12, 1 cor 6:10
We can’t get to heaven on our terms.

What Must I do to actualise my settlement Heritage in christ?

  • Revelation is key to accessing our settlement heritage. Acts 20:32, 2 pet 1:3
    Any unsettled area of our life just require revelation to deal with it.
    You can’t be settled outside the settled word. ps 119:89, hag 2:8
    Without the key from the settled word, the struggle continues. Matt 11;28-30
    What you know is what determines where you are. 1 cor 8:2
    Without light darkness won’t go.
    Acts 16:30
  • Enter Into a covenant to serve God as your new lifestyle. 2 chron 15:3-19, Ex 23:25-26
    There’s what we must do to be free from devastation. Job 36:11
    Gal 3:13, deut 28:59 every challenge of long continuous is a curse.
    2 cor 4:17 it is not permitted to be more than a moment 1 pet 5:10,
    A moment is an hour matt 8:10-13
    A moment is a day 2 cor 6:2
    A moment is a night ps 30:5
    Anything that is beyond 3 days is too long. Hos 6:2
    Settlement begins with giving Jesus access to your life. Matt 14:32

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