By destiny we are ordained for glorification.
Every child of God have an enviable destiny in redemption. Gen 26:13 -14
We are not designed to be pitied.
We are ordained to experience the envy of men. It comes to a point in a man’s life were insults are seen as a product of envy.
Every child of God is ordained to be greater than all of the old testament saints.
matt 11:11.
We are ordained as pace setters and trail blazers. Nothing is permitted to cover our destiny in CHRIST. We are kings and priest to reign on the earth. Rev 5:9 -10

Destiny in the kingdom is as far as you can see. Gen 13:14-15.
What you see determines the limits of your destiny. Every blessings is tied to what you can see. Encounters with the word is encounter with destiny.

Revelation is a vital necessity to live a glorious destiny.

  • Weeping continues until revelation comes. Rev 5:4
    In the absence of revelation is tears and frustrations. A man of revelation is a man beyond frustration.
    2 chron 15:3-5 if you are going to experience a tears free life, then revelation must be your watchword. The only thing that you can count on is the word of God.
  • Confusion sets in when revelation is absent. Isa 29:11 -12
    Many people carry the Bie but not many people have access to what is in the book. Heb 10:7 inside the bible is our destiny, future, progress, and success. Ps 119:105
    The word of God gives us access to vision and direction. It is revelation that terminates confusion.
  • 2 cor 3:18 shame sets in when revelation is absent. For us to avoid shame, the revelation of God’s word is a must.
    It destroys the hold of shame.
    Nothing beautify a believer like the escape of shame. Revelation gives beauty to life and destiny.

How do we access revelation?

  • Crave access for the word in our areas of interest. Until we are desperate in our desire we can’t gain access to revelation.
    prov 18:1, Lk 5:1
    A compulsive desire. 1 pet 2:2
    You are so hungry for that thing, and until you get it you cannot stop.
    Taste can only be quench by water.
    A man with a crave must find the object that he craves. Job 23:12
    Don’t get lost in religion. Desire that there must be something you must locate when you open the book. Rev 5 :4-5
    Everytime the book opens there must be a change.
  • Engage the HOLY Spirit in your search.
    1 cor 2:9-10, 13
    The HOLY Spirit is a teacher and if we must find what God desire for us we must engage the HOLY Spirit. He’s there to teach us and to guide us into what God is saying.
    Eph 1:17 -18 it takes the assistance of the HOLY Spirit for our eyes to be opened.
    The HOLY Spirit is our rig into scriptures.
  • Engage the blood of JESUS against every blind folding forces of satan.
    The enemy seeks to block our eyes from light. Heb 9:6-8
    Going beyond the veil requires the blood of JESUS.
  • Engage your spirit in a desperate search with prayers and FASTINGS. Lk 15:8 -9,
    prov 20:27. Don’t approach GOD’S word without Engaging your spirit man ps 119:130, Rev 1:10.
  • Commit to meditating on the word. Ps 1:2 -3 meditation is were light breaks forth from.
    You meditate to extract answers from the word.
  • Look out for relevant books and other resources on your area of interest.
    There are answers that are in you shelves.


  • Commit to do what the word command. Matt 7:24-25
  • Continue to think on the reality of your findings. prov 23:7
  • Continue to speak in line with your findings. Mk 11:23, 1 Peter 3:10
  • Refuse to quit in putting GOD’S word to work. Matt 24:13
    It is not about starting but continuing till the word produce results.

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