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Apr 11, 2021

Review of the interactive session with Hon. Seyi Bamidele, a candidate for the office of the Youth leader of the Southwest PDP.

Moderator : Hon. ( Om’Oba) Shobande Olukayode

Panelists : Sen. Babatunde Moshood Olanrewaju ( Bob Tarner). A former 2 time Senatorial candidate of Lagos East Senatorial Aspirant

Mr. Babatunde Joseph Anjous. The Amuwo Odofin Spokesperson

Hon. Adrsoji Dosumu, former Vice chairmanship candidate of Mushin Local government

Comrade Akintunde Bello Sheriff ( ABS) Personal assistant to Hon. Bamidele Salam of Ede Egbedore Federal constituency of Osun state on Youths and Students’ Affairs

Prince Adelaja, Former National publicity secretary of ADP and a social commentator

Hon. Afolabi Fadahunsi, former Candidate of Mushin constituency 1 House of Assembly of Lagos State and the youngest candidate in Nigeria in 2019 election.

Question from the panelists;

Bob Tarner: The age range of Youth according to UN is between 18 and 24 year old. That of African charter extends to 35years old. And nigeria’s specification is below that. What is the specific age of Hon Seyi Bamidele.

Ans: 38yrs, According to the provision of our party constitution youth is between 18 to 40.

Prince Adelaja: Served as a Youth Leader in Osun PDP is a stepping stone, how do you intend to galvanize Youth together in the Zone, and what is the plan to mobilize more youths into PDP, taking advantage of the Sorosoke mantra ahead of 2023.

Ans: I am coming from background that gave me opportunities to have people across the nation not only south west. I am a former National Treasurer of NANS and I have my comrade across board who will be willing to align with us. Part of my plan is to bring likes mind on board to work with me on how we can approach different state with their peculiarities.

Prince Adelaja: The insinuation that Youths are not ready for leadership, how do you intend to correct this notion.

Ans: By mobilizing our youth to get involve. You can’t correct the system outside the system

Audience: Please what will you do differently as the Southwest Youth Leader?

Ans: Southwest comprise of Six State. What I will first put in place is to empower the state youth leader with training on capacity building. We will start from this and all of us as a major stakeholders will all get involve.

Tamunotonye Barcanista Inioribo: The National Coordinator of PDP National Youth League and member of PDP National New Media Directorate, Will you work with youth groups within the SW zone or will continue the tradition of sidelining these passionate party members?

Ans: Sure, We will ensure we recognized all existing youth group and we will encouraged the new ones.

Olaoye Gideon: (1)How do you intend to make your recommendation in the last youth committee meeting with Dr.Bukola Saraki led committee over the matter of waiver of the usual huge amount requested for intention forms for the prospective Youth in the Party who intends to vie for one post or the other?

(2) Is of no doubt that presently most youth leaders at ward, local and state levels in our dear party are above the requested age limit. How do you intend to correct this abnormality when you assume office and how far have you been able to correct this with your current office as our State Youth Leader?

Ans: I am part of the few stakeholders that proposed the position of Dr Bukola Saraki led committee. We will ensure we give it more push to make it a reality.

Lamidi Musibau Adekunle: To our intending youth leader, how can u be of intermediary or problem solver should be incase the party( PDP) face such crises similarly to such present situation we found ourselves now to future?

Ans: By ensuring we put round peg into round holes when giving assignment and when electing our executives.

Popoola Olamilekan: How can he balance the equation between the youths and also attached the students populace?

Ans: I am coming from that background, it won’t be difficult at all.

Mustapha Azeez Segun: What are physical plans in making sure YOUTHS get involved, participate and be victorious in winning elections?

Ans: We will always give an assurance of bright future with our activities. When youth see how we that get involved are striving they will join us.

Comrade Ifasola Lekan Oladipupo: You said you’re from NANS NATIONAL the other time, how many people of PDP have u been able to put into position or work for into it with all the post u re holding.
I could remember vividly when I show interest for NANS I was told to back out bcus I don’t have enough stakeholders,the only recognized person is Machiavelli, how do you think u can use yr office to help the students joins the movement more. The opposition are actually doing more in recruiting themselves .

Ans: We are also trying our best as regard this. NANS as been politicized. When we are in government we also did the same. Let’s pray we get back to power.

Tayo Adeyemi Olawoye: How will you use your good office to correct vote buying, as you know that youth who are capable to run don’t have enough money to buy vote from the electorate.

Ans: We will educate.

Senator Babatunde Moshood Olanrewaju charged:

If you are convinced that Hon Seyi Bamidele has proved the worth of a Zonal Youth Leader like I have, kindly spread information as to convince delegates to vote for him.
As for me, his age of 38 against the requirement of 40 and NANS experience are enough to earn him my commitment to his winning.

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