Hon Omolara Awolesi, A young vibrant and engaging youth leader in Ikorodu Has teamed up with ‘ARVAD HELP’, (A Business Development Organisation) to support business starters, Artisans and market women in Ikorodu.

The Support scheme took place on the 17th of April 2021 at the KD’s Place Ikorodu West LCDA, And was anchored by Aare Segun Bright (Representing ARVAD HELP)

Sectioned into (a) Empowernment for Traders and Artisans (b) Business Partnership with reputable Organisations, The program saw residents from different parts of Ikorodu Division converging at the KD’S place to partake in the scheme.

According to the Facilitator (Aare Segun Bright) the program provides soft loans within twenty thousand naira (20,000) to a maximum of one hundred thousand naira (100,000) respectively, With an easy repayment plans for all starters involved.

“Firstly, Our plan is to bring the people closer to accessing soft loans that will help float their varieties of businesses, And secondly provide affiliate partners to help them with products at discount prices and solidify their market strength” Aare Segun Bright

“It’s good to see the interests they’ve shown and all we have to do now is guide them with an adequate business plan while they enjoy the support we have to offer”

“ARVAD HELP is located across Nigeria and we have supported alot of businesses, This is why we have been invited across Board Consistently to assist individuals. Coming to Ikorodu today is a thing of joy because it gives room to break new ground and solve people’s Financial issues” Aare Segun Bright Added

“With CoVid-19 Pandemic going out gradually, Alot of our people had to start from scratch due to complete shutdown of their business, Remember, That was their only source of livelihood. But with support schemes like this, it would Position them in a comfortable state to have a quick start and recover fast” Hon Omolara Awolesi

“We have selected 15 Ikorodu residents today to kick start this empowernment programme with plans to further support more, For reasons we are just getting started we need to give it a gradual Approach”

“I appreciate our Facilitator (Aare Segun Bright) whom came by emergency due to my interest in wanting Ikorodu to benefit from this program. And I also want our leaders to look more into this area of empowernment to enable Ikorodu business recover fully as time goes on” Omolara Awolesi Added

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