Like a Scene from a typical Nollywood Movie reflecting talents, Arts, Style and Creative Presentations was depicted at the St. Augustine Catholic Church in Ikorodu West LCDA as Gospel Ministainment Movement International took entertainment to a top-notch level in Ikorodu.

Event Tagged ‘Taking Over the Entertainment Mountain’, Saw many International Gospel Entertainment Personnels from Zimbabwe, Dubai, America, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Liberia & Cameroon Represented at the first of it’s kind live audition Show in Ikorodu Division.

The Parish was overwhelmingly filled with talented gospel acts ranging from Drama, Comedy, Dance and Music plus a sophisticated media presence which lighted up the scene and converted an Audition into a Live Reality Show Session.

INN gathered that the aims and objectives of the Gospel Ministainment Movement International is squarely to transcend the Gospel Industry into a lucrative juggernaut that would eventually supercede the circular mainstream industry at a global scale.

GMM which is also positioned as freelance management and artist Nurturing platform is poised to change lives via the unveiling of it’s Arts and Communication Institute to Orientate upcoming gospel acts, aligning them with adequate sense of purpose and direction to have access into profitable career Pathways for reasons of longevity.

After the Red-Carpet, Over a 100 artists was auditioned for 20 Local and international Movies plus 7 Reality Series, It also featured the Unveiling Of GMM music Album and NEGV Institute Of Arts and Communication.

GMM Founder simply known as Doctor Henry, A movie maker and pastor with passion for Entertainment stated that Entertainment belongs to Christians and GMM is meant to check mate the moral decadence by cleaning the general music industry.

“Entertainment brought me to Ikorodu, I actually came because I wanted to harness Talents and now we’re looking at the big picture in taking the gospel entertainment to the next level” Dr. Henry

“We have about 7 movies for this year, 5 TV Series with 52 Episodes Each, And we’re picking talents to fit in areas of Music and drama. We don’t just want to harness the talents, We have also created a market strategy for sales and royalties to be given to artists we’re working with”

“In Ikorodu we have alot of talents whom are not trained, Which is why we have set up a film academy in Partnership with the Mission statement of St. Augustine Catholic church to groom talents in Script writings, Acting and comedy” Dr. Henry Averred

The program harboured leaders of Catholic church, Pentecostal Fellowship, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist & ECWA with over 20 Nollywood producers and directors.

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