The True Covenant Church Of God Ikorodu on the 25th of April 2021 experienced an in-depth insight of knowledge and Empowernment as the church educates it’s youth on different areas affected their growth.

Engaging both the church youths and live audience watching from social media platforms, The program was a first of it’s kind in the religious gathering to create more awareness for youths in dealing with exuberant phase of their lives.

It features Guest speakers, Lion Mrs Adefunke Oluranti Esan (President of the Ikorodu Metropolitan Lions Club & Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Union Teachers Ikorodu Branch), Pastor Sedum Femi (Part Time lecturer at University of Benin, Akoka Chapter Lagos) & Mr Makinde James Oladimeji (CEO & Director of Studies at King James Educational Foundation, Ogun State).

The Program was hosted By Sister Sandra & Brother Tunji as they were simply called.

The general Overseer, Bishop Festus Otusanya Omomajemu projected the program titled ‘Unveil The Scar Not You’ to his congregation inviting powerful guest speakers to enlighten the church on ways to overcome challenges stagnating the Development of young minds.

In his Speech the general Overseer Admonished the youths on the ultimate removal of Scars which is ‘God’, And every youths must have Christ in their lives in order to excel.

“Scars Can be a problem or negative attitude, It simply means a mark placed on the flesh due to an incident that has healed up but still shows. Most times we tell people about problems which still remains in our life, because it’s a scar” Bishop Festus Otusanya

A life without Jesus is a life with continuous scars. No matter the motivational speeches from our speakers, Pressing forward without Christ, The scars will remain”

“Some of the ways to avert scars is Understanding that; God is the only one that can do it, Listening to divine Instructions, Humility, Follow The Thought Of God & Not Of Man, Respect Others, Taking Actions & Always Obeying God’s commandments” Bishop Festus Otusanya Added

Pastor Femi Sedum, A Part Time lecturer at University of Benin, Akoka Chapter Lagos, A Minister of God and A Mathematics Facilitator at the Secondary School and Tertiary Institutions Engaged the youths on staying Disciplined in every area of life.

“Today We Have 3 Types Of Youths; Youths That Learn from People’s Mistakes, Youths That Learn From Their Own Mistakes And The Youths That Refuses To Learn From Either Thier Mistakes Or The Mistakes Of Others” Pst. Femi Sedum

“It takes alot of discipline for you to start learning from People’s Mistakes so you don’t make yours, Be cautious to learn from others that overcame temptations during their cradle days and Understand how they sustained their sanity to grow out of it”

Mrs Adefunke Oluranti Esan graced the podium as the only female speaker, Stressing the need for youths to speak up on every personal pressing challenges they face in order to seek Solution duly.

“Though I was never abused, But speaking up has been a major advantage for me growing up because I don’t allow anyone to take advantage of me for whatever reason” Mrs Adefunke Oluranti Esan

“This is why am calling on all our youths to speak up no matter the situation they find themselves, Letting people know what is going on at every given point in time is key to  overcoming Scars and moving on swiftly”

“We now have a generation that is ready to fight back, So on the issue of Scars it shouldn’t be exceptional, Giving yourself a voice makes you relevant and keeps you in control of every form of dominating influences hanging around” Mrs Adefunke Esan Added

In his Contributions, Mr Makinde James Oladimeji caution the youths not to allow life go through but instead they must go through life to the fullest by instilling in them the spirit of Forgiveness in whichever challenge they find themselves.

“The Reason Why Most Us Live With Scars Is Because We Cannot FORGIVE!. We Must Learn To Forgive Others & Also Forgive Ourselves In Order For Every Negative Scars In Our Lives To Be Erased” Makinde James Oladimeji

The entire congregation was thrilled and highly educated with the outcome of the program as the general Overseer Appreciated the guests and media Practitioners present to make the event an enlightened one.

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