I am writing in response to your open letter of April 21, 2021. It was a great piece I must confess. Our administration is indebted to every inhabitant of Igbogbo/Baiyeku Local Council Development Area, APC and to erudite fellows like you that set us on our toes to strive and achieve more for our noble Local Council Development Area. 

I admit the onus of responding to the open letter that was addressed to me with so much precision and objectivity in the same manner with which the letter got to me with every sense of respect to you and our people.

I remember that I invited you for discussions on how to ensure developments in Igbogbo/Baiyeku Local Council Development Area just like I invited many other erudite fellows to hear wisdom while I take notes. I take counsel from both older and younger generation; I participate in almost every youth, social and traditional events in Igbogbo kingdom, Ibeshe  and environs to ensure my accessibilities and social inclusiveness in our government. This was where our “open door” policy started from and our successes were predicated on this. I am inarguably one of the most accessible Chairmen in Lagos State.

I remember we discussed a couple of important issues when we met, focusing on Roads, Security, Revenue Generation, Transportation, Traffic Management, Traders,  Students and Out of school youths etc. But needless to state that these are not the only responsibilities of our government, there were other areas of the government that we didn’t address in our meeting which I did when I met with other intelligent and progressive minded people like you.

However, our government did justice to all the above discussed issues and much more; it is possible you expected more to be done in those areas but you know, governance is progressive, our focus is on everything at the same time, and we keep growing every facet of our Local Council Development Area within the capacity of our revenue without letting any area suffer. 

Moreover, the first factor you need to consider before assessment is the foundation we met when we came into power; as strong and outstanding as the foundation we met was, we had the responsibility of evaluating the foundation and interpreting it into today’s world realities which would ensure successful execution of the structures we intend to build for a glorious Igbogbo/Baiyeku Local Council Development Area, this took almost 1 year of our administrative year.

Though the process was tedious but I can assure you that it was worth it. What we achieved in the last 3 years was progressively much more than what we were able to achieve in our first year in office, because we took our time to understand the foundation laid and significantly improved on it to meet the day’s realities.

Pointing to the growth of our internally generated revenue, we surpassed the revenue generating capacity we met when we came into office in 2017 by more than 200% increase at the end of 2019 fiscal year respectively. We couldn’t do much in 2020 as a result of the pandemic and END SARS protest. It is certain we are going to do better this standard at the end of 2021 fiscal year. This is why we could achieve all that we achieved without taking a single loan or overdraft from any financial institution.

Our successes cannot be taking away from the efforts of the economy team, traditional institutions, Political Leaders, Community leaders, and my successors; this however will not take away the need to create economy team with a new focus in our second administrative advent. We owe them our gratitude!

Talking about security, the success you know about it is little compared to what we are adding to our security strength; after our successful efforts in building MOPOL 63, establishment of JTF with 50 men on salary, equipping them with walkie-talkie and power bikes for internal movements, we have equally gotten approval for police stations in Elepe and Agunfoye respectively; while efforts are ongoing to establish marine police to cover our coastal areas.

Additionally, our efforts on rehabilitation of roads are doubtlessly paying off, we have created new link roads, while works are ongoing on some. The Oreta road is motorable compared to the way it was 20 years ago. Offin and Baiyeku road got needed palliative before standard construction commences on Baiyeku road. Beyond this, our blueprint for the incoming administration will give major priority to road constructions and maintenance. These will have direct effects on the efficacy of our transportation and traffic management stratagems.

Talking about the traders and trading system in Igbogbo community and its environs, you will agree with me that oodles of positive progress has been made while we are still in the process of achieving the very set goals.

We work directly with the market women association as we execute the scheme, so nobody will be at lost. However, if you can make your objective investigation about the traders in the ultra-modern market, you will discover that majority of them are the very people that were trading in the old market structure.  

Finally, it is important for me to re-emphasize my gratitude for your interest and commitment as those of every well-meaning inhabitants of Igbogbo/Baiyeku Local Council Development Area. Igbogbo/Baiyeku Local Council is in right, competent and reliable hands; we have built a foundation that will enable us to break every known record and set greater ones in our second advent

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