Deut 8:7, heb 3:13, Isa 25:6-8, deut 11:18
This will be a turnaround feast for you.
Isa 25:6-8 The effect and impact of wine Is long lasting when refined. How you feel doesn’t affect a man who has taken wine.

When God serve you His wine, it turns you on. We serve a God of times and season,
Lk 19:44. We must be conscious and have the understanding of PROPHETIC time lines. Eccl 3:1-2, Num 14:33, 9:15-23, Eccl 1:9.

We have a 40yrs timeline God, to bring you from captivity to your promise land.
1 Sam 10:9-10, deut 8:4-9
This event is ordained for you to access your promise land. Isa 43:19 No one can describe what eyes have not seen until they see it.

A Picture of Our Promise Land

  • No dry season in the land. Deut 8:8
  • Supernatural abundance deut 8:8-9,12. All round MULTIPLICATION at heavens rate.
  • A land of protection and preserved. Deut 11:12
  • A land of all round rest. 2 Sam 7:10
    It is your turn to enjoy all round rest.
  • A land where a good old age becomes your new identity. Deut 11:18-21, isa 65:20
  • It is a land of Dominion. Deut 11:24-25
    We access this land as individuals
    Num 14:24

Evangelist Kenneth Copeland: Possessing your promised Long Life – Ps. 91:16

How do you choose Life?

1. Through life words. Matt. 12:37, Pro. 18:21
Remove deadly words from your mouth.
Your words count because what you say is what you receive so learn to use Bible covenant words – Pro. 6:2.
Faith filled words dominate the laws of sin and death.

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