Heb 4:12, The promised land is a PROPHETIC realm. Amos 3:7 One of the overriding factors to see prophecies fulfilled is faith.
Lk 1:45 The word you don’t receive with your mind and believe with your heart, you never see them come to pass. John 1:12.

As we receive the PROPHETIC word into our mind, believe it in our heart and the word goes forth to transform your life.
No matter the level of provisions made, it is our faith that determines our portion.
Mk 6:5-6 We must be spiritual to receive it in our minds and believe in our hearts.
Every PROPHETIC word has inbuilt capacity for delivery and we cannot take delivery without our faith. Isa 14:24 Faith is a must to see the PROPHETIC agenda fulfilled in our lives.

It takes the hand of God to fulfill the plans and purpose of God. 1 kgs 8:15, 24
Isa 53:1. You need to build your faith to be ready for prompt response to GOD’S agenda for your life. Matt 9:29 Our portion is determined by our faith. Hab 2:4
The Actualising of our vision is according to our faith.
Rom 1:17, Gal 3:11, Heb 10:38, Rev 5:12
Isa 43:18 it is new things that makes news.
No PROPHETIC word can be more valid than the prophecies of scriptures.
Eccl 1:9, deut 8:12, ps 44:8, zech 4:6
Ps 44:8. This kingdom is ruled by what is written.

Dr Kenneth Copeland: Possessing Our Inheritance of Long Life.

Unusual meekness is one of the virtue that engenders longevity. Faith is always now. If it isn’t now, it isn’t faith. James 2:15 -17
Faith is a spiritual and powerful force used by the almighty God to create the universe.
The blessings of Abraham came by faith and by the covenant.

Rom 4:16-20 we give glory to God by been strong in faith in all times.

There are laws that govern faith. Faith comes from the spirit world that is superior to the natural world.

Mk 5:25 – 34, 22-24, 41-42, 35-36
Mk 11:23
1 thes 4:12
Grief is a sin because we are people of hope.
4 things to do
1. She said
2. She did
3. She received it in her heart.
4. Stop seeing yourself sick or poor, see yourself healed and rich.
If you don’t receive it, you can never have it.
Prov 4:20-22 whatever the word says about you, that is what you’re.
The absolute prescription for our turnaround in any area of our lives is in the word. Put your eyes on the word everyday.

The 6th eyes of faith.
-I believe
-I receive
-I take it
-I forgive those who have offended me.
We have the same power that forgives because we have the faith of God.
The same power that forgives, heals.

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