Serving God is key to getting to our promise land. Ex 8:1, 9:1, Service was the Foundation of GOD’S intervention in Egypt.
We serve God to live and for all to be well with us. Ex 12:31-32, deut 6:12-14, 13-16
Stewardship is the only way we can maximize the the promised land. Serving God is everyone’s responsibility. When you despise any covenant responsibility, you end up as a liability.

Enemies To Serving God.

  • Satan steals our time. Whatever steals your time is already tampering with your destiny. We need to create time for God and His kingdom to maximize our destiny.
    Everyone has time, we only prioritize how we invest our time.
  • Procrastination. It is an enemy of kingdom service. It is an enemy of progress.

Purpose in your heart that you’ll talk to one soul daily.
Every believer serving God is a servant of God. Josh 1:1-2
Ps 89:20, job 1:1-9
When you become His servant, He becomes your father. Matt 28:19-20
It is for inputs and impacts that Titles come.

How do I serve God?

  • Kingdom advancement prayers. Everything in the kingdom is controlled by prayers. Matt 6:9-12, 26:41, Lk 2;26
    Col 4:12,
  • Soul winning and establishment.
    John 4:35-36, 29-30, Dan 12:3
  • Financial stewardship. Zech 1:17-21

1 cor 15:58 if you want to get the best from the promised land, you must continue to serve God and the interest of His kingdom.

Pst. Faith Oyedepo: Kingdom Advancement Prayers Facilitates The Blessings of Longevity

Ex 23:25-26, Gen 6:3, One of the blessings in this pur promise land is long life. One of the ways to access our longevity in our promise land is available through kingdom advancement prayers.

What is Kingdom advancement prayers

  • Praying for the growth and advancement of the kingdom on the earth.
  • Praying for the establishment of souls in the kingdom of God.
  • Praying for the saints.
    Every great movement of God can be traced through a kneeling figure.
    Praying is one of the major way in dwelling in the promised land.
    Lk 18:1, 1 Thes 5:17
    Prayer is a commandment, and not a gift.

Abraham Gen 25:7-8, job 42:10,16-17, Hannah Lk 2:36-37, Elijah James 5:17-18.

It is a secret investment that guarantees open rewards. Matt 6:6

Rewards of Kingdom Advancement Prayers

  • Supernatural transformation. Prayer changes people. Ex 34:28, Lk 9:28-29
  • It empowers the giants in us to come alive. Job 42:10
  • It brings us into the realms of fearful favour. It is the favour of God that brings to pass His blessings in our lives.
    Dan 6:10,
  • God enthrones you. Neh 5:14
  • It is an Avenue for your needs to be met. Eph 6:8

Bishop David Oyedepo: Operating in The Reality of Your Promised Land.

Eccl 11:7 It is the light of the word that brings the sweetness of the word out.
Heb 13:7, Matt 6:33 most times we run after things that should Naturally run after us.
We chase after God and His agenda chase after us. Applause is not same as impact.
James 4:8. It’s light that makes the difference and not luck. Ps 102:15

Every prophecy is delivered by faith. Lk 1:45, isa 53:1, 1 kgs 8:15, The hand of God is provoked by our faith. Matt 9:27-29
It takes the hand of God to bring the plan and purpose of God to pass in our lives.
The only authentic proof of faith is results.
Heb 11:1. Faith without proofs is fake. Acts 1:1

Components of Faith That Empowers it for Fulfilment of Prophecies. James 2:18, Phil 2:12
There are things to work out for faith to deliver.

  • Receive the word in your mind.
  • Believe it in your heart.
    The word has to go through the mind for our faith to deliver.
    2 kgs 7:2 Until you receive the PROPHETIC word in your mind, it cannot deliver in your life. Isa 55:9


  • Prov 23:7 You must continue to think the viability aComponentsnd the reality of GOD’S PROPHETIC word. Prov 4:23
    Let your thought pattern be ruled by the word of God. You have to bridle your thought with the word of life else your struggles will remain.
  • Your tongue. Mk 11:23, matt 12:37
    What you say determines, what you see.
    Don’t destroy your giving with your speaking. Eccl 5:6
    If you are not a prosperity talker, you will remain in poverty for life.
    Obey God, don’t blame Him. If you won’t obey God, nothing will change.
    Your experience is irrelevant, it is your obedience that counts. 2 pet 3:8, job 36:11
    The promise land will only deliver on the ticket of our service.
  • Keep acting out your Faith. 1 Sam 1:18-20
    1 Sam 2:3 There’s a corresponding action to what you claim to believe and receive.
    God weighs our actions to determine how He works in your life.
    If you believe the word, then act it.
    Positive action is a requirement for your faith to deliver the promise of God.
  • Don’t ever stop thinking, speaking, and acting so, until it is fully deliver.
    Rom 4:16-20, Gal 3:29, heb 10:38
    You must pass the test of faith to see prophecies fulfilled. Gen 22:1
    Rom 8:28, isa 14:24
    PROPHETIC words is about what can do and will do.
    Every PROPHETIC word is a God sworn verdict. Whatever God can do is what He says.
    The promised land is a God sworn verdict.
    2 Sam 7:10
    A PROPHETIC platform is never planned for. the word just comes to you in a twinkle of an eye and you are expected to respond swiftly.
    PROPHETIC words fast forward destiny.
    Isa 14:27

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