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Bishop David Abioye: Understanding the Wonders of Dedication.

Isa 41:18, John 12:23-26
Every child of God is a seed after the order of Christ. Death is passage to life.
If you don’t want to die, God does not reckon with you.
JESUS came as seed and He expects us to be seed. Without contact with soil, seed cannot be maximized.
Inside every believer just like seeds, has potential to be great.
Your dedication may take a while, but your end is distinction.
Gen 8:22 Just anything can be made out of you if you are dedicated.
Mk 4:30-33 what makes the seed is sowing it.
If you don’t sow your life as a seed, birds will eat you up. Dedication is key to Maximizing returns on our stewardship.

What is dedication?
• Serving God without reservations. Matt 22:37-38
• It means to be dead to self and alive to God in every kingdom task. Phil 1:21 1 cor 9:16.
• It is been sold out to God and the advancement of His kingdom.
• Being deadly committed to a course. Not having an alternative.
• Being sold out to a course at a cost. God will allow people to mock you before He will make you. Nobody checks the seed in the soil, because there’s nothing glorious about a sown seed.
• It is binding yourself to a course.
It is the mystery behind the rise of giants.

John 10:17-18 if you want to win the love of God, lay down your life. It is lives that are dedicated that gets the attention of God.
Every seed sown has capacity to come up by itself.
Once you pay the price of dedication, the next class is distinction.
But we need great patience heb 12:1-2
The cross represents dedication.
When you pay your dues, the next level is enthronement. Mk 4:28
If you are in a hurry, you cannot be distinguished.
It may take time, but patiently wait.
Mockery is just for a while, stay committed and dedicated to your course.
James 5:7

Bishop David Oyedepo: Operating In The Reality of Your Promised Land Pt 4

Access to the voice of the Lord is the destroyer of doubt. Eze 2:2, John 6:63, Isa 34:16. The bible is GOD’S dictation to men.
Ps 29:3-9, Isa 55:1, Ex 3:5, 4:20. Everytime the voice comes through to a man, supernatural faith break forth. Gen 12:4. Supernatural faith is a product of Rhema.

Supernatural prosperity is one of the core feature of the promised land.
Deut 8:7-18. It is the Land that empowers us for wealth. Wealth on His (GOD’S) terms and not ours. Isa 60:22 A land were you are empowered to take nations greater than you.
Gen 26:16

What is it that Entitles me to this level of empowerment?
• Deut 8:18 is the terms for the empowerment.
• The voice of God is also an asset to this wealth.
Prov 22:7 it is wealth that gives us the empowerment to be a dread to powerful nation. Job 22:24-25

What is that Law that initiates us into this covenant?

• Gen 8:22 GOD’S empowerment agenda answers to seed sown. Matt 13:23
• The word delivers to the level of our spiritual understanding. Ps 50:10-12, 24:1, John 1:16, ps 145:16, ps 34:5
2 cor 5:16, Mk 4:28 Every seed is a spiritual transaction and not a donation.
Prov 19:17, Gen 8:21, 2 Sam 24:24-25
Gen 22:12 -15, heb 7:8,.ps 89:15
The voice of the Lord is a joyful sound and doesn’t depress people.
Prov 13:15, prov 21:16
God is up to anything His word says.
It is about knowing the word and engage the light of the word.
2 cor 9:6-8 The purpose of wealth is to keep Increasing in good works.
Job 29:10-16, Matt 25:40, Job 1:3
Phil 4:15 -16 Sowing and reaping is giving and receiving Phil 4:19.
This covenant provides room for everyone to engage. Gen 13:14 you can start from where you are right now.
If you look for money without knowing the purpose, God won’t give you.

Fringe Benefits of The covenant
It has power to address all your needs.

  • Aversion of curses. Gen 8:20-22
  • It guarantees divine protection. Ps 20:1-3, 41:1-3, job 22:25, 2 cor 8:2, 1 pet 1:8,
  • He keeps you away from depression and sorrow. prov 10:22
  • Mal 3:11 Your labour is not wasted.
  • It engenders all round rest. 2 chron 15:11-19
  • It provokes fearful favour. Ps 35:27, 102:13-15
  • It engenders health and vitality. Ps 41:1-3

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