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May 9, 2021 ,

Hon Omolara Awolesi & ARVAD HELP takes their empowernment scheme for Residents in Ikorodu to another level on the 8th of May 2021 at Aga Axis of Ikorodu Local Government.

The Aspiring Councillor and her partner from ARVAD HELP Aare Segun Bright engaged small business owners and unemployed youths around the area on granting Loans and significance of effective management.

Approximately 250 Individuals were catered for as the support scheme receives wider awareness for inhabitants across the community.

The Partnership also Introduced The ‘Youth Stipends Scheme’ for the first time, Aimed at supporting young Individuals seeking employment opportunities.

“While we thought of supporting more business Starters just as we did prior, We also felt the need to help our youths who are unemployed and present themselves as liabilities to their parents or guardians” Hon Omolara Awolesi

“The Introduction of the ‘Youth Stipends Scheme’ is to prevent our young ones from engaging in social vices like crimes and Cultism which demoralise the growth process of our society

“The Youth Stipends Scheme Actually allows young Individuals to receive financial assistance of about 15,000 (Fifteen Thousand Naira) to build on their skills while seeking employment opportunities or venturing into any personal productive ventures

“As you can see more people are getting involved and also getting impacted, Going forward we believe that stakeholders can also join forces with us to use this platform as a means to boast our Economic status in Ikorodu Division” Hon Omolara Awolesi Added

Speaking to INN, The Representative of ARVAD HELP positioned the Initiative as a significant Medium to foster Community development.

“When we started this program it was scanty, But now you can see the tremendous amount of Individuals coming out to gain from us. I actually feel this Initiative should be synergize more in order for more Beneficiaries to partake in it” Aare Segun Bright

“We have spent over 7 hours today catering to Residents due to Our few hands handling enormous Applicants, But we have promised everyone present to be patient because they’ll all benefit from this program”

“Culminating with the ‘Youth Stipends Scheme’ that we have just Introduced, It is certain we shall endeavour to meet more needs and grow our support base in Ikorodu” Aare Segun Bright Averred

The Acknowledgement and issuing of support to the numerous Participants took place at the campaign office of Hon Omolara Awolesi Olabisi who currently aspires to become Councillor of Ward E in Ikorodu Local Government.

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