Hon Azeez Jimoh popularly known as OLOSUGBO is a renowned Political aid and Practitioner in Ikorodu Division, A former Councillor, An Agripreneur and vibrant Youth Leader in all sense of the word.

With effective plans currently projecting Hon Azeez Jimoh Olosugbo, Who’s running to become the next Chairman Of Ikorodu Local Government, INN had a chat with the Political Activist to ascertain his visions and plans for Ikorodu Division if he emerged Chairman Of Ikorodu Local Government.

INN: It is no secret that you’ve presently joined the race to become the next Chairman of Ikorodu local Government. What is your vision and why did you show interest.

Hon Azeez Jimoh (Olosugbo): Thanks for having me on this platform.

Approaching governance is from bottom to top and not the other way round. Am less than 40 years old but with 20 years of experience on Community projects, Political participation and the act of law making. I was a Councillor (2008) and also a Council leader, I worked with the Lagos State employment trust fund and also on ways to raise money for small scale enterprises.

This is actually not the first time I had showed interest, (I came out 2017 but stepped down for someone), But going forward, Governance Is A Continuous and Circular Process, And the people at the Helms Of Affairs are presiding over certain budgets which I was privy to have knowledge of during my time as a Councillor.

This budgets are actually meant to be allocated into areas like Education, Sports, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Transportation, Security etc in order to develop the system, The essence of Budget is to add value to the system and promote a peaceful coexistence between the inhabitants of the communities.

“I am coming from an angle where I perceived lapses in ‘Strategic Measures of driving the budget into enhancing adequate Security In our Communities‘, That is one of the Most significant axis of effective governance which will bring forth peace and tranquility to our society”

While I was in the council I sponsored a bill called “Ikorodu Security And Local Trust Fund“, Afterwards a public hearing was done towards Projecting that bill, Four (4) banks attended that hearing, But up till this day there is no established Security outfit in Ikorodu apart from the Onyabo.

Onyabo is managed by Individuals with no adequate Government backings. No Administrative Structure or governing Committee. There is a section in the law that talks about synchronising Securities to the CDA’s inorder to gain quick response whenever crimes occurred.

“That is an area I will work on to help our communities feel safe and secured Again”

Let’s go to Roads and observe poor infrastructures, A case study is Agura- Gberigbe, The entire place needs a total ‘Restructuring and Resurfacing’.

When the Government pays less attention to ways of generating revenues, There would be complexities in finding solutions to problems like revamping our infrastructural status.

Knowledge based economic Applications would yield sustainable Positive catalysts to result in good change. I am well experienced in seeking mediums to access revenue allocation strategies, This will help us grow our system effectively.

Repositioning Ikorodu for greatness means I have studied the process and I want to ensure our local government work inline with Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s T.H.E.M.E.S agenda which would bring forth adequate checks and balances to foster overhaul growth in Ikorodu Division.

INN: In the area of Education what are your plans?

Hon Azeez Jimoh Olosugbo: It is only a child that is morally balanced that can actually learn properly, It is only a child that sits in the class that can listen to his teachers. While I was growing up you don’t see students across the road around 10am, But now it’s rampant, Students move around anyhow they like.

Building classrooms and infrastructure is normal because there is a budget for that, But are we producing the best students? We have the best Teacher and Principal from Ikorodu, But what about the students? We need students to be valued more. That is part of my plan to co-ordinate a proper relationship between the students, teachers and parents inorder to grow their academic Performances and stabilise the Institutional structures in Ikorodu Division.

INN: You’re known more in the Agricultural Sector most of the time, What are your plans to support Ikorodu via Agriculture?

Hon Azeez Jimoh Olosugbo: Now, One of my biggest challenge with our local government structure is that there is no single investment opportunities or investment partnership that will create jobs in their budgets. This also implies what my agenda is all about, Repositioning!

I am an expert in soil-less farming and also a cage/Culture Expert. We can plant without soil, We need to do things that is Sustainable to help our youths enterprise the Resources that is available to them, Who is managing our waterways? I want to look into that, What about our exhausted lands in Ikorodu? I want to look into that too.

I know how to go around these areas to create Employment Opportunities because it is what I do. We must create value for services in order for our God given Resources to Favour our land.

INN: What is your advice to other Aspirants?

Hon Azeez Jimoh Olosugbo: Most of the youths clamoring on social media seeking for Position with no physical Experience on how to lead the community is a no brainer. They lack effective contributions but still clamor for Position.

My advice is for them to follow the process gradually and never be carried away by social media, Connect with the grassroots and Understand the act governance before Declaration Of Intentions. Wisdom Actually demands that!

Success is like a wild animal, If you don’t tame it, it will tear you apart. If you win and don’t manage it very well, It will set you in disarray. Whatever you do today can affect your tomorrow.

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