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May 20, 2021 ,

As the primaries for the local government Elections draws close, New Aspirants are beginning to blaze the campaign trail across Ikorodu Division with pure Intent to change the narrative and enforce an effective change in Governance at the local level.

This is candid with Ikorodu North LCDA as Hon Matthew Aliu Adesanya raised the bar to vamp his political antecedents and at the same trajectory charge his base.

Ikorodu North LCDA felt the strong presence of Hon Matthew Adesanya on the 19th of May 2021 as the Chairmanship Aspirant took his campaign to the heart of the community.

With his massive Supporters canvassing the areas, The Chairmanship Aspirant on the later converged at the palace of the Eweye Of Isiu to present his intended agenda to the traditional ruler of Ikorodu North LCDA.

“As an indigene of Ikorodu North LCDA practising Politics since 1979, We have come of age, Thus I want to Initiate an administration that will liaise in unity and love with the Kabiyesi and all the Baales, I will be obedient and never take them for granted” Hon Matthew asserted

“Everything I have done over the years to support the development of Ikorodu North LCDA is due to my passion to serve and Notting else. I was once a teacher in Army Primary School Odogunyan, Farm settlement Odogunyan and Alausa Agidigbi primary school, The impact I’ve made overtime is obvious for all to see

“My chairmanship run in Ikorodu North LCDA  will Engender a screening committe that will handle education, I will empower the women, The youths will be fixed into my cabinets, I will increase the salary of the Baales in the first three months as soon as I emerge into office. An official car will be given to His Royal Highness, Oba Raji Olukayode, Baales in council, CAN chairman and the Chief Imam of Ikorodu North LCDA before the end of my first three months in office. I will also be of support to the unemployed youths and CDA’s in diverse ways to keep them Engaged productively” Hon. Matthew Adesanya Averred

“My Administration will reflect the True definition of love and unity, I am So grateful because this is the first time His Royal Highness Oba Raji Olukayode David is meeting with all the Baales across Ikorodu North LCDA, And I believe with my vision we can Collectively take Ikorodu North to greater heights” Hon Matthew Adesanya added

Otunba Dare Odufowokan, An associate of hon Matthew Adesanya in his Speech addressed pressure issues faced by the LCDA which requires changing the Guard of governance.

“We need a symbol who will direct this town Isiu as the headquarter of a local government and also a highly respected traditional town in Yoruba land. The Installation of His Royal Highness Oba Raji Olukayode brought joy and happiness to Isiu, And thus we want a government that will accept his ideas so that all that his plans for this town will come to reality” Otunba Dare averred

“Hon. Matthew Adesanya is equal to the task and eligible to be the next Chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA, And I can attest to the fact that he knows the positive intentions of our king in presiding over this community, so let us all in unity support him because before now he had been doing things, he facilitated buildings at Odogunyan and town hall, Otunba Dare Added

Hon Laja Martins eluded about his dissatisfaction with the outcome of the previous election stating that “Hon. Matthew did not emerge as Chairman then but surprisingly he informed us all to patiently stay together and wait for God’s time for him to emerge as Chairman of Ikorodu North Local Council Development Area. Now I am sure this is God’s time for him because he will emerge as the Chairman”

“I have known Matthew Adesanya for over twenty years, He is a very good person, Highly principled and responsible. He is a ‘Say And Do’ type of person and had never for once disappointed anyone due to his level of faithfulness to serve” Hon Laja Martins Added

Hon. Aro Balogun (also a campaign Associate and friend) stated that “Hon. Matthew Aliu Adesanya is an indigene of Ikorodu Community, he attended his primary and secondary school in Ikorodu and worked for a while as a teacher in Ikorodu. In 1987 he emerge as the Counsellor WardE1 at Odogunyan and he impacted positively within the one and the half year he used in office and then went back to his teaching field where he was given a letter of SLD in 2007. In 2007 he spent a year as the Secretary of Ikorodu Local Council Development Area, before then during the tenure of Tinubu when the local government was to be created Hon. Matthew was part of those that facilitated the creation of Ikorodu Local Council Development Area and that was why he was rewarded in 2007 as the Secretary of Ikorodu LCDA”

“He also called the attention of Hon. SOB Agunbiade towards Odogunyan grammar school on the issue of students receiving lectures under the sun, Within a month, Two storey building at Odogunyan Senior school and a storey building at Odogunyan junior school was Structured”

“He is a Christian with an intimate relationship with the Muslim association and the Christian association of Nigeria which has given him Recognition from both religious bodies Respectively. So our believe is that when he emerge as the chairman of this LCDA he’s going to do more than this in the Muslim and Christian association in Ikorodu North LCDA” Hon Aro Balogun Added

His Royal Highness, Oba Olukayode David Raji in his speech promised to give his support to Hon Matthew Aliu Adesanya, Thereafter praying for him.

“This is the right time for an indigene of Isiu to emerge as the chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA” Oba Raji Olukayode Asserted

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