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Students of Oreyo Grammar School in igbogbo baiyeku LCDA of Ikorodu gathered at the Asiwaju Basorun Hall on the 20th of May 2021 for a career talk program organised by Igbogbo youth coalition and Igbogbo students Union.

The program was aimed at orientating students to stay focus on their studies to actualise life goals and objectives saw the Chairman of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA (Bldr Sesan Daini), Mr Akeem Bello (Principal Oriwu College), Comrade Oluwafemi Oluwaseun Fakolade JP (Chairman Nigeria Union Of Teachers Ikorodu Chapter) amongst other scholars gracing the talk symposium.

Tagged; “Career Talk & Campaign Against Social Menace In Our Public Schools ”, With its Theme; MY CAREER, MY PRIDE, The Hall was packed to its brims for a duration of 4hours with students receiving intellectual tips to better their academic realms.

As the Chairman of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA took charge of the Career Talk from the get go, he emphasised on the government role to help in curbing crimes around the community but also yielding to collective efforts from parents and guidance in order to produce disciplined youths in the society.

“The breakdown of our numerous value system in society has without any doubts usher in menace in every facet of our lives and the younger generation are the major victims of it” Bldr Sesan Daini

Our society is in danger and the source of the danger is the way we live; our value system and social engagement are directly opposite of the value system and social engagement we met when we were kids”

The level of social menace in our society is undoubtedly at a precarious stage and every
stakeholder have the onus of changing the narratives if we must have a future
desire and strive for”

“In the recent time, there have been recurrent moral decline, decay in standards and dignity as illustrated by excessive indulgence in pleasure, cultism, hooliganism, alcoholism, sex, smoking in our secondary schools; this is disheartening and it shows the failure of the mismanagement of socialization”

“We all have roles to play. My focus is of course the Efforts of Local Council  Development Area on Social Menace because government is a major stakeholder to Curbing social menace and creating a society with high moral standard. However, it important to note that the role of the government is predicated on the roles of the primary agent of socialization which is the family. Families have the primary responsibilities of shaping lives of their children and give them direction before
government as an agents of socialization take the stage”

“Our government’s efforts on Social Menace is a long and steady journey, which begins With our commitment towards education. Our target is quantitative and qualitative education. We have zero tolerance towards idea of out-of-school child Primary education is actually free across the state, this is because we believe school as an agent of socialization that have the responsibilities of shaping the children lives also, and every out-of-school child is a potential victim of social menace”

“We have created conducive learning environments for the children by building
more classrooms and fences for the unfenced schools. We picked up out-of-school children on the streets and personally finance their education, the reason we do these is to prevent them from being part of menace in our society. We all know that one of the biggest blessings lgbogbo kingdom has is the lgbogbo Students Union, Our administration is wise enough to work with the leadership of the Students Union body to help reduce social menace and our partnership has been a great source joy to me”

“Our efforts also extend to engagements with youth bodies like National Youth Council of Nigeria, Igbogbo Youth Coalition etc; these youth organizations have clear-cut objectives of creating a peaceful and prosperous society. We support every youthful Endeavour because this is the right thing to do. We know the importance of Sports in engaging the youths and we are taking advantage of it”

“We have setup security Joint Task Force to address head-on, the problem of violence, cultism and hooliganism in our LCDA, just to separate the good from the bad. To send clear statements to everyone what our stand is; which is directly against every social menace”

“However, we are set to create a team to identity the link between the school children and youths with the menace tendency for us to be able to permanently break the link. This is an exercise that will involve National Youth Council of Nigeria Igbogbo Youth Coalition and igbogbo Students Union and other critical stakeholders.
We will increase our efforts to drastically reduce menace in our LCDA and thus create
a glorious future for our children” Bldr Sesan Daini Asserted

In his charge the Chairman of the Nigeria union of teachers Ikorodu Chapter, Comrade Oluwafemi Oluwaseun Fakolade Jp inspired the students in his words of encouragement, presenting the possibilities of fervent synergies between Teachers and students to foster academic excellence.

“Oreyo can still become the best public school not just in ikorodu but lagos state, And can also produce the best students, We should never give up on our students, No matter the mistakes they make” Comrade Fakolade

“Our parents should never teach their children a short cut to success, Instead they must work together with us the teachers to help the children grow in the right pattern. Students must be taught and showed the way that is Just, True and right”

“We should work with our student and push towards academic excellence Because there is rewards in excellence” Comrade Oluwafemi Fakolade JP

Mr Bello Akeem (Principal Oriwu College) in his section inserted parents present on the hot sit, Directing their focus at the level of discipline they instill in their children in order to keep them on the right path of life.

“Some of our children are very rude today and should be thoroughly disciplined if they must become successful in life. Most parents have ignored their parental responsibilities due to reasons unclear, Thus exposing their children to all forms of negative influences” Mr Bello

“If Teachers are required to bring out the best in the students then parents must also be ready to bring out the best in their children too, it is a collective role not one sided”

“The Education of our children must not be left with our teachers alone. Every sector of the society must come together and support our children to create a better society” Mr Bello Added

Mrs Oluwakemi Kalesanwo representing the Director, Lagos State Agency for Mass Education empowered the students on the responsibility of the state towards students education.

The Lagos State Ministry of Education is set to positively influence and reshape the present educational system in the State with the view to improving capacity and performance outcomes by redirecting and optimizing resources, designing effective policies, setting lines in order to maximize educational excellence and progressively move towards the attainment of the desired quality education standards” Mrs Kalesanwo

“The State is set to provide enriched educational experience for Students in Schools through the provision of quality standards, pedagogy excellence, appropriate teaching methods or approaches, learning resources and instructional materials that are all indispensable ingredients that guarantee high quality education leading to stimulating experience and excellent students’ performance”

“Government is also responsible for the following:
To establish adequate schools for students close to where they live. From records the State Government is not isolated from the 6-3-3-4 system of education and also operates the National Curriculum on education as stipulated by the Federal Government of Nigeria. It is also on record that Lagos State has the highest number of both Primary and Secondary Schools in the Country.
To make the environment of the School conducive for teaching and learning and give the students opportunities to learning and developing their own learning styles that is
different from others”

Ensure Safety in School premises Safety is a concern for every parent, student and the
school authority. Both teachers and students have the right to be in a secured environment while teaching and learning is taking place.
To provide competent teachers who are both academically and professionally qualified to
facilitate the teaching and learning in a more effective manner. The Government is to also
ensure that adequate teachers are employed, at least the ratio of a teacher to 40 students.
to provide basic infrastructure and amenities that can facilitate learning”

To improve the standard of education to which will produce successful students to transform education from primary levels which is the foundation of all levels of education up to tertiary levels through professional development and capacity building of all teachers in order to have successful students”

“To improve schools for effectiveness and successful students. To ensure that successful students graduate from our schools through effective school management and classroom process.
The Ministry of Education, Education Districts, State Universal Basic Education Board etc.
To organize different competitions like quiz, debates and other educational co-curricular activities. It is the equally the duty of the Ministry of Education to encourage Schools to organize programmes that will enlighten students on sexuality education, drug abuse, rape, child abuse, cultism and child rights.
It is the duty of the State Government to regulate and monitor all matters affecting Private Schools in the State”

“It is therefore the responsibility of the Government to ensure that the above listed points are captured in both the State and National Policy on Education” Mrs Kalesanwo Added

Bldr Sesan Daini (Chairman Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA in exit also posed a challenge to the best emerging student of Oreyo Grammar School.

“I (Not as the Chairman Of Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA, But as Bldr Sesan Daini) will personally be responsible for the jamb facilitation of the best student of Oreyo grammar School and I will also ensure to pay his or her school fees from year one to the final year if he/she makes the cut off mark to further their education at the higher institution” Bldr Sesan Daini

Oreyo grammar school became the subject on the news a month and half ago when video surfaced on social media of female students in the school uniforms were seen smoking ‘shisha’ while been recorded. The incident brought the attention of the state’s ministry of education, which saw the identified students suspended and sent to a rehabilitation centre subsequently.

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