The Chairmanship aspirant for Ikorodu North LCDA advocates for peace and calmness going towards the Local government primaries on the 29th of May 2021.

In his statement to the press on the 28th of May 2021, The Leader urged party members and voters to embrace easy electoral practices, void of chaos and anarchy, while performing their right with a clear focus to realise good governance.

According to the leader, “Tomorrow will be another defining moment in the history of politics in Ikorodu, And as one of the contestants working to becoming the next chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA, I want to seize this medium to reach out to the good people of Ikorodu North. Let us exercise the primaries with positive intent”

“From 8am tomorrow morning, everyone in Ikorodu North LCDA is free to take their membership card with them (which is their power) to vote at their respective centres” Hon Matthew Adesanya

“There is odogunyan centre (Ward A1) at Pharm settlement primary school along sagamu road, There is another one at Erikorodu (Ward E2) African Bethel school Maya, Agbala (Ward E3) Model Primary School, Saint Saviour Primary School Igbaga (Ward E4), And Isiu at Anglican community school (Ward B3)”

“The Modalities is simple, For councillors, there will be two ballot boxes, one for councillor and the other for the chairman, Voters are expected to pick up a paper from the electoral committee and fill in the name of their ideal candidate, then put it inside the box, the committee will then count the deposited papers and call out the result immediately for councillors

It is an open secret ballot, But for the chairman, results would be announced after counting by the LGA returning officers in charge of the coalition”

“With that said, I am begging all of us in Ikorodu North LCDA to imbibe unity and harmony even as we go and discharge our responsibilities tomorrow in our respective centres”

“Let us show decorum in whatever we are going to do tomorrow, We will not gain anything in fighting and isolating each other. The essence of this process is to create a better governance and develop our communities, It should not be used to do otherwise”

“Go out peacefully without any form of fear or negative intent, I Am sure our party (APC) will never slack in the area of security, Because I believe they are doing everything possible for our voters to cast their votes in a smooth and cool atmosphere” Hon Matthew Adesanya Added

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