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May 28, 2021 ,

Primate Charles Odugbesi on the 28th of May 2021 has urged Card carrying members of the All Progressive Party (APC) to adhere to prompt instructions and ensure the electoral process for the oncoming local government primary elections ends successful.

The elder statesman, A former ACN secretary and also the first APC’s state Secretary has called on all stakeholders and leaders to maintain healthy competition as the primaries draws closer. 

He also admonished the entire Ikorodu division to go into the primaries with positive agendas and not to divide the growing harmony within it’s regions.

“As a stakeholder in Ikorodu division and even at the state level, I am advocating for peace as we go into the primaries tomorrow, Let us see this process as a healthy sport activities, If you don’t win today there is tendencies you’ll win tomorrow. We must not create unnecessary tensions and fear amongst ourselves” Primate Charles Odugbesi

“We should not see ourselves as rivals, We don’t need to transfer aggression or harbour bitterness and hatred in our hearts, Or pose threats which will easily prevent voters from coming out of their homes to fulfil their constitutional responsibilities”

“It is going to be an Open secret ballot, so people should be allowed to come out and exercise their duties in the electoral process. After card carrying members are done filling and submitting the names of their chosen Councillor and Chairman respectively, They can either wait to observe the process or simply go home”

“The All Progressive Party (APC) leadership has put every machineries in place, And every vote will count tomorrow!, Mind you,  God has ordained those he wants to ordain already so I am calling for peace in Ikorodu division and lagos state in general”

“After the process is completed tomorrow, we will still need ourselves, So we should not go into the primaries like it’s a do or die affair. If we hate ourselves and kill ourselves due to local government primaries which is not even the main election, We would not be sending the new message of peace in Ikorodu division to the rest of Lagos state”

“I believe at this point our Apex leaders has contacted every aspirants and pleaded with them to ensure the process goes peacefully, But the truth is you can never know the intentions of people until the climax of the process”

“But all we must do is to call for peace, And if anyone does otherwise then it is the duty of the law enforcement agencies to take charge of that situation”

“Ikorodu is gradually becoming the new face of lagos state, so I urge everyone to conduct themselves properly going into the primaries tomorrow as God will give us victory at the end” Primate Charles Odugbesi Added

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