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May 30, 2021 ,

The Chairmanship aspirant for Ikorodu North LCDA on Sunday the 30th of May 2021 has urged his campaign members across wards and zones to stay calm while awaiting results from the concluded primary elections in Ikorodu LCDA on the 29th of May.

Addressing his followers at the All progressive Party’s (APC) Secretariat in Odogunyan, Ikorodu North LCDA, Hon Matthew Adesanya emphasised his optimism on the outcome of the primary elections, stating his belief in the leadership of the All progressive party (APC) in doing justice to the voting process.

“I was at home when I learnt that our party faithfuls decided to stay back at the secretariat ever since our primary elections yesterday, So I decided to come and address them because I observed their level of loyalty, Honesty and Support. Indeed our people are well informed and they know what to do, which they are demanding for presently. The election successfully took place in 3 wards out of 5 wards in Ikorodu North LCDA. Votes were counted and we are positive of the eventual outcome” Hon Matthew Adesanya

“As a party faithful I am advising all our members to remain calm and never indulge in any activity that will disrupt the credibility of our beloved party APC. Our National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu instructed us to go ahead and do the primaries, Which we have done because we believe in him and trust him. He has thought us to be fair and just in our proceedings, so we as members must work towards the guidelines of our leadership”

“That is why I am so confident in all our party executive leadership, From Hon Babatunde Balogun (Party Chairman), Prince Abiodun Ogunleye, Asiwaju Olorunfunmi Basorun, Asipa Kaoli Olusanya and all our vigorously concerned leaders. If you claimed to believe me? then you must believe them also, as they will not lead us astray” Hon Matthew Adesanya Cautioned his Members

“I am urging everyone to go back to their different wards and zones, spread the word of hope and positivity to all our members. Help us talk to them to stay calm and wait for the party’s pronouncement, Because whatever the party says, we shall stand by it

“We must shun violence, misconduct and give  zero tolerance to every form of negativity. I believe all our members will follow my footsteps and ensure no matter the case we must promote peace in Ikorodu North LCDA. I don’t want to preside over dead bodies, I want to take charge of the living, and you must live in peace for us to grow our community together. Do not engage with anybody that will result in violence. I believe we know the situation of the country now, so we must not loose our focus” Hon Matthew Adesanya averred

Prior to the public address by the Chairmanship aspirant, Some members of the campaign also spoke to the press, stating their expectations as a result of the primaries.

“It is obvious we had to keep the vigil at the secretariat since yesterday, waiting for the results from the primaries because we saw everything that happened, We are actually surprised that the results are not yet out due to the gap margin in the voting process which was recorded by the electoral officials at the 3 wards. We just need the results to be announced because we are hopeful our candidate, Hon Matthew Adesanya will win” Hon Kehinde Ogunbayo

“We actually started very late, But when the official later came here to Odogunyan, we started the process and did the accreditation and voting when suddenly we heard gun shot which brought panic to our venue. But prior to that panic, voting already took place and it was recorded 77 votes for Hon Matthew Adesanya while Hon Adeola Adebisi Banjo had 4 votes. I am even sure if not for the disruption that occurred the margin would have been higher, so we are expecting the results to be in favour of Hon Matthew Adesanya” Prince Tunde Ogunsanya (APC leader Ikorodu North)

“We have been here at the party secretariat to hear the final result after the Primary elections, My daughter gave birth but I have not seen her due to reasons that I have been here as the organising secretary of the party waiting to hear the winner of yesterday’s primaries. We turned out in mass and closely observed the results which was clear that Hon Matthew Adesanya will emerge as the next chairman of Ikorodu North ” Mrs Justina Osara

“What you are seeing here today is all 5 ward members waiting to hear the outcome of yesterday’s primary elections. While we want our voices to be heard, we will also yield to the voice of our candidate, Hon Matthew Adesanya, Whatever he tells us to do? we will do” Mrs Caroline Modupe Adebayo (ward E3 agbala)

“In all the wards where the primaries were conducted yesterday, It was obvious that Hon Matthew Adesanya topped the chart, And it is only naturally to see him announced as the winner. We have eye witnesses and the votes were counted for all to hear so we’re sure our candidate will end up victorious as we wait for the announcement” Barrister Ken Obi (Ward B1 & Leader Of Indigbo Ikorodu North LCDA)

  1. There’s no doubt that Hon. Mathew Adesanya will come out victorious having been in the struggle for decades. He has been tested and trusted. His emergence will usher in rapid development in Ikorodu North. He is the man of the people. Long live APC.

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