On the 10th of June 2021, Delegates from Arewa students’ forum in an official visit to Lagos state recognised Hon Balogun Rotimi Olatubosun (B.R.O).

The team ably led by Comrade Abubakar Talid (President Arewa students forum) honoured the energetic leader, real estate business mogul and politician as ‘Grand Commander Of Arewa Students (GCOAS)’ in Nigeria.

According to Comrade Talid Abubakar, Arewa students’ forum with a population of over 44 million members (and its headquarters at Sokoto state) deemed it fit to recognise Hon Balogun Olatubosun due to his passion for youth development through his various empowerment programs over the years and his open-minded progressive agendas to foster growth and development in Nigeria as a whole.

He added, “Though the student’s forum is predominant in the Northern part of Nigeria, our zeal to identifying with leaders whose hunger for economic progress is prioritised knows no boundaries”

“From a distance, we have thoroughly observed Hon Rotimi Balogun (in his different TV interviews and online programs), His drive and passion to see our Nation succeed attached us to him and thus we have decided to make him our leader in the spirit of one Nigeria Agenda” Talid Abubakar Added

In his acceptance speech, Hon Balogun Rotimi expressed his utmost surprise when the student’s forum reached out to him.

“I declined at first when they communicated with me in this regard because I don’t know the forum, But after doing my due diligence and having access to their records I decided to accept their request. We are one Nigeria so if they deem me fit to be their leader then I am honoured and excited to share both my wealth of experience and knowledge with them” Hon Balogun Rotimi

“I am grateful for this recognition and I look forward to working with them simply because my strength lies with the youth, We are better together” Hon Balogun Rotimi added

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