Students from across Ikorodu Division Constituency 2 converged at Itamaga axis on Sunday the 4th of July 2021 for an (educational empowerment program) screening process orchestrated by Hon Nurudeen Saka Solaja (representing Ikorodu Constituency 2 at the Lagos state house of assembly).

The program which consists of both Bursary Award Support and Scholarship is aimed at financially assisting students and also postgraduates to further enhance their educational capacity in universities and polytechnics alike.

Hosting more than 200 students, Hon Saka Solaja in a short interview with the press during the procedure stated he had to take advantage of the Government’s yearly educational empowerment programme to support academic enthusiasts in his constituency to keep them focus & effective in advancing their intellectual strides

“Having good access to this initiative by the Lagos state government and perusing their modules and leverages, I found out that they’ve decided to give financial support to students based in lagos state and are schooling here too, So I obtained forms for students in my constituency, to create more opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students sustaining them as they press further” Hon Saka Solaja

“What they’re doing today is get their information screened and also giving them the various criteria needed for them to access these Bursary awards and scholarships respectively”

“The scholarship is based on G.P, any student that has anything above 3.5 is qualify to access the support. For those going ahead to do their masters or postgraduate degree programs will have access to 300,000 to 400,000 naira. Bursary awards for students in poly technics or university ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 naira”

“This kind of empowerment which would be coming annually will keep our young vibrant and brilliant prospects in Ikorodu constituency 2 close to their ambitions thereby distancing them away from illegal or negative measures of supporting themselves”

“Since my inception as a representative of Ikorodu Constituency 2 at the Lagos state house of Assembly, I have been working on empowerment programs like this based on recommendations from our leaders, youth coordinators and also the Obas. Afterwards, I do to the best of my capacity to support our youths ensuring they don’t web up with group of individuals propelling social vices”

“I also want to use this medium to urge every parent to keep taps with their children at all times, give them both moral and leadership counsel, ensuring they become a plus to our communities. While we as leaders secures other means to keep them focus, it is a collective duty to raise capable future leaders” Hon Saka Solaja asserted

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