In a bid to enhance sophisticated enterprises and empower young business starters, Ebony world in conjunction with Rich-Invest and EcoBank organised training and provision of soft loans to women going into trading business in Ikorodu.

The program which took place on the 10th of July 2021, at Ibeshe road axis saw women from different wards in the local council development area subjected through a screening process qualifying applicants for both the short-term training and subsequent loan support.

According to a spokesperson for Ebony World Community, Ambassador Afolabi A.S, “Ebony World Company is a social support network system that addresses issues of wealth creation. It’s all about self-help, simply because we can not rely solely on the government in uplifting ourselves out of obscurity”

“We enlist members and train them on vocational skills for them to grow their enterprise then we raise capital for them to become established in their acquired skill set and area of business specialisation”

“Today we’re giving loans ranging from 50,000 naira (interest-free) to active women (from ages 20 to 50 years) who are ready to grow their businesses”

“We have been doing this for the past 3 years, even though we incurred losses sometimes, we did it at Maya, Adamo and Owode-Ibeshe due to reasons we cannot stop projecting activities that would stimulate the develop our communities”

“People, Trust and Support is our motto, in the sense that the people come first to us, then we look at gaining their trust by allowing them to run a savings scheme with us which would make them trustworthy enough to access our loans, then we do all we can to support their businesses”

On the latter, the organisers stated that the support they render is not only for women “We also run school scholarship programs for students and youths, We support anyone necessarily, but today our program is targetted at the women in the community

“We have created channels to liaise with leaders in sourcing for ideal people to partake in our program from different wards in the community, this is a grassroot initiative and we know how to reach out to those really in need” Ambassador Afolabi A.S Added

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