Aspiring councillor, care giver and youth leader, Idowu hammed odunayo made his presence felt at Agunfoye community of igbogbo on the 10th of july, organising a medical program to cater for both the elderly, nursing mothers and other individuals in the community.

The medical program which provided health experts to deliver free medical check up plus drugs to the inhabitants was well received and praised by residents.

“People run after money, neglecting their health in the process which is not a wise thing to do. If we are constantly aware of the fact that we’re not getting any younger and our health must not be taken lightly the better we’ll be. This is part of the objective of this program to keep the people aware and conscious of their health status” Idowu Odunayo added

While conducting the health project, Idowu hammed, a native of igbogbo baiyeku LCDA, who’s a PDP candidate running for councillor ward c2 stated his decision for running.

“We need to make our mark felt and take a stand to make things better for the good people of our community. The joy of the people is my happiness”

“My father was once a councillor during the late to early 90’s, and it is always good for us to take a stand and let our people know they can be supported better than the system they’re witnessing now, this is why I am coming out not only to help, but also to get involve in the system in order to get better leverages to support our people”

“Even before aspiring to become a councillor, I have been executing humanitarian projects like this through my foundation (Hamoj Foundation). Now when you tell people about checking their health status, they’ll tell you they don’t have money, taking for granted that health is wealth. This is why organising programs like this, I use it to sensitize people about their health and ways to take it seriously”

“My reach is Igbe, Oreyo, Basorun, Surulere estate and Agunfoye area which we are creating this program for today. For me helping humanity is beyond politics, I will not stop rendering this support to the community no matter the outcome of the elections on July 24th”

“An idle hands they say is the devil’s workshop, there are a lot of ways our young ones can be properly engaged to keep them out of the street and also give them a proper orientation about leading a better life in their communities, and I know I have a strong connection with the community in terms of knowing how to help change their mindsets out of obscurity and give them proper means to embrace growth and development”

“The community suffers violence due to the silence of the good ones not because of the bad ones around, I believe if we take a stand and work towards the common good of the people, there will be a drastic reduction in the social vices around” Idowu Odunayo asserted

About 200 individuals were catered to in areas of the Sugar level, high blood pressure, eye deficiencies etc.

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