Day 2 of Ikorodu division human resource development board’s workshop took each participants on their toes as youths were exposed to different business axis to which they could venture into for possible profit making.

With a more practical projector display of business methods and procedures, the empowerment program successfully put the intellect of youths present to puzzle for a positive outcome as facilitators drove them through each duration.

Facilitators took the participants on •Case study and experience sharing on small and medium scale enterprises by Ikorodu chamber of commerce and industry (ICC) •Commercialising research outcomes for small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria by federal institute of industrial research Oshodi (Firo) •Opportunities for partnership between Nigerians in Diaspora and technical education graduates in Nigeria by Nigerian Diaspora Commission •Case study and experience sharing on small and medium scale enterprises by Nigeria Association of chamber of commerce, Industry mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA)

As usual, Questions and answers were also introduced in duration to give participants mediums to quench their curiosity on complex analysis.

According to the chairman of the planning committee, Ikorodu division education summit is slated to hold in October with a clear objective to Enhance small and medium scale enterprises in Ikorodu division.

“We are expecting participants to come up with a feasibility reports on their intended business. And in the next two month the platform is going to organise a follow up session with all participants in order to work out plans to actualise those feasible reports.
The forum will also create inline partnership for prospective sponsors to support the small scale businesses with funds and other leverages”

“Let us begin to look around our environment and sought out ways to create good business opportunities for purpose of establishing our dream job” Olusola Ogunlewe (chairman planning committee IDHRDB)

Chief Wahab Ade admonished participants afterwards to take up the challenge of being more productive in their different endeavours. He stated that “The essence of creating a workshop like this is to create employers of labours and also good mentoring for our future industrial shakers. We want Ikorodu to become the best exporters of brilliant minds not only in Lagos state but also Nigeria.

“From Ikorodu to Mile 12 is 8mile and we can see how enterprising mile 12 is, how many of us would challenge ourselves that 10 to 20 percent of products sold there is from Ikorodu. I have equally challenge the lagos state government to ponder on the production of indigenous products across lagos state”

“Just like our speaker said earlier, there is no business that cannot be started from scratch. Alot of us cannot take the perseverance of growing a business from a cradle stage, managing it with little resources and creatively expanding it thereafter. We must begin to extend our value in branding what we have and making it a unique export” Chief Wahab Ade Added

Prior to the certification of participants, Chief Mrs O.O T Benson gave the youths a motherly advice on their business decision making and parental guide towards the children.

“As participants of this great educational and empowerment program, you have to count yourselves lucky and take advantage of the empowerment program by the IDHRDB. Alot of youths would strive to be here and benefit from this platform but the truth about life is Opportunities only transform to result due to availability”

“Just like the chairman of the planning committee rightfully said, you must take advantage of the two weeks to 2 months interval to work extensively on your feasibility report for a unique business you believe can thrive you our developing economy” Chief O.O T Benson

On behalf of Ikorodu Division Youths, Miss Abdul Adesola thanked Ikorodu Division Human resource development board for putting together a first of its kind empowerment training for youths in Ikorodu, urging the organisers to follow up in ensuring that participants end up establishing their dream business via the workshop.

In the latter, Certification was given to over 500 participants that took part in the workshops

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