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On the 13th of July 2021, the Ikorodu Division Human Resources Development Board under the auspices of Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) kicks off a 2-day workshop on small and medium scale enterprises for technicians and other expertise in Ikorodu division to stir up its economic scale and gear up the overall business activities.

The program which took place at Ikorodu Townhall saw individuals and young business starters including the less privileged in attendance to measure up in securing different opportunities to learn and grow their respective businesses.

In his opening remarks, Prince Adesegun Olusola Ogunlewe (Chairman Of The Planning committee) stated “The workshop was initiated at the instance of the last Education Stakeholders’ Summit 3rd Series which was tagged “Managing the Human Capital Potential: Emphasis on Entrepreneurship and Vocation Education” held in September, 2018. At that summit, the need for promoting entrepreneurship and vocational education was cited as one of the ways out of economy nightmare that the country finds herself”

“Stakeholders therefore resolved that a workshop should be organised by the IDHRDB as one of the actions to be taken to support efforts of the state government to ameliorate the unemployment situation. In expedient to encourage the youths to embrace entrepreneurship and vocational education so as to address the skills gap in the economy, nurture a technical and industrial attitude in the minds of the youths so that they can become self-reliant and self-employed”

“The infusion of business and enterprise skills training into technical education is expected to raise the skill levels, build confidence and to be self-employed. There is no doubt that the basic and necessary tools required to grow and nurture small business require intervention to spur the entrepreneurship spirit of the youths. This will further nurture their business ideas to full potential while inculcating a culture of innovation driven by entrepreneurship” Prince Olusola Ogunlewe Added

In his brief, Chief Kunle Ade Wahab (Chairman IDHRDB) asserted “The current rate of unemployment in the country calls for an urgent action from all stakeholders in finding a lasting solution to it before it get worse. According to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the rate of unemployment has jumped to 33.3% at the last quarter of 2020 indicating that over 23million Nigerians are unemployed”

As a result of this, the Ikorodu Division Human Resources Development Board (IDHRDB) resolved to ameliorate the unemployment situation. The Board therefore organises this workshop for the youths in the Division in order to encourage them to embrace entrepreneurship and skills acquisition training so that they would be able to establish their own small scale businesses (self-employed) which will boast the economy in the long run”

It may interest you all to know that Small and Medium Scale Enterprises are the main indicators of a country’s economic development. They have a significant impact on the social development of a country. SMEs create jobs, compete with big enterprises, become part of the global market, contribute
to poverty alleviation in developing countries, boost exports and reduce imports thereby making the economy to be viable. The workshop will expose the participants to possible opportunities, show how one can kick start his business ideas and elaborate on the state and federal governments’ policies for
business owners”

We invited quality Facilitators to do justice to enlighten our mind on the different areas of our Concerns. The lkorodu Division Human Resources Development Board (IDHRDB) which is popularly called “the Resources Board” was established by the lkorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) in 1993. It is a non-profit making, non-religious and non-governmental organisation (an NGO) saddled with the responsibility of liaising with the three tiers of government (Federal, State and Local), corporate organisations, families and individuals with a view to improving human resources of Lagos State, particularly lkorodu Division for the overall development of the citizenry. The Board has contributed greatly to the development and growth of the education sector in Lagos State through its series of activities to date” Chief Kunle Ade Wahab Added

The program in its first day empowered participants on; •Federal Government policies and support for small and medium scale enterprise by small and medium enterprise development agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN) •Financing Opportunities for small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria by bank of Industry (BOI) •Lagos state government programme for small and medium scale enterprises towards self employment and economics empowerment by lagos state ministry of wealth creation and employment •Role of knowledge sharing towards economic self reliance in developing communities by lagos state public service staff development centre (LSPSSDC) and on the latter •Perspective on self employment, digital economy and economic growth (presided over by Bolade Daranijo, CEO Sinbol Group).

While question and answer sections was also infused, the Chairman IDRDG, Alhaji Babatunde Tajudeen Rotinwa (Former chairman, Lagos state local government service commission) insisted facilitators should implore their solutions to the local government settings, thereby allowing grassroots to gain proper access to the job creation opportunities.

“Information is key, and one reason orientation programs like this is not accessible is due to lack of proximity between the ones privy to the solution and those in the grassroot sector. We have to now work together as a human resource developer to synergize and provide adequate information and access plans to the people of Ikorodu division in order to open them up to positive means of advancing their business scales” Alhaji Rotinwa Added

The program is expected to reach its cresecndo on the 14th of July 2021 for further empowerment of participants.

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