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Barely 3-weeks after returning to office as Chairman of the Nigeria Union Of Teachers (NUT) Ikorodu Branch, Comrade Fakolade Oluwafemi Oluwaseun Jp organises a free medical program to support headteachers and principals across Ikorodu division on the 17th of July 2021.

The program which created awareness for the leadership of schools in Ikorodu division to take health matters seriously saw medical experts administering check-ups on Sugar levels, Blood Pressures, Sight deficiencies and Body max index respectively.

Applauded by the NUT Lagos state chapter, the program was well-received positively as both headteachers and principals praised the chairman for projecting his 2nd term at an early stage by putting the health of educational administrators at the top of his list.

Speaking before the commencement of the medical check-up, comrade fakolade Oluwafemi stated the need for headteachers to take their health as a priority, due to reasons that they’re always at the front line of catering to the affairs of every student across all institutions.

“This program is specially designed to cater to our headteachers and principles in Ikorodu division, we have also created room for old excos to be a part of it too because health is wealth. Subsequently, we shall have another one for teachers to mark world health day in Ikorodu”

“Keeping better health is key to adequate performance as a school administrator, we’re doing this today to help them know their sugar levels, B.P levels, eye issues and body max index, bringing to their consciousness that as administrators we’re not getting any younger, and understanding our health status frequently will enhance our performance level” Comrade Fakolade Oluwafemi Added

Comrade Samuel Ilesanmi, representing the NUT State chairman at the program praised the performance of Comrade Fakolade while also encouraging headteachers and principals to keep up their good works in their various institutions.

“When it comes to the capacity of Comrade Fakolade Oluwafemi, It’s all about promoting the course. He is diligent and fervent in uplifting the teaching profession. Right from surulere down to Ikorodu division, he is a fighter that always ensures to secure the interest of teachers he presides over

Barely 3 weeks of his new term, he his catering to the health of our institutional leaders, in so doing he is setting the bar higher and enhancing the duties of chairmen across the Lagos state teachers union”

“I am not surprised because his will to deliver is not new to me as a person, he is a brother and a friend, I just came here to let him know that our state chairman is very pleased with his contribution to the profession and union, And to also encourage him to continue in this line of fostering growth and development in our field” Comrade Samuel Ilesanmi Added

Comrade Bolaji Senuga (Vice-chairman NUT) stated “The chairman has done so much to support our teachers across Ikorodu Division and his performance level is beyond the pedestal, We are even skeptical about his latter successor been able to live up to expectations due to the high bar set by Comrade Fakolade.

“We just pray that God will continue to empower him for more positive direction to help uplift our union the more” Comrade Bolaji Senuga Added

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