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Ikorodu Division Resource Development Group (lDRDG for short) was founded in 1983. It is a non- political, non-religious and non-profit making organization.

The Group’s aim and objective is to; Be concerned with the positive development of lkorodu Division through; Education, Industrialization, Charity, •Harmonization of the various communities making up the Division •Projection of human and material resources available in the Division to encourage positive.

Utilization of such resources for the benefits of the Division in particular, Lagos State and the nation in general.
Give supports to all free Associations interested in the overall development and welfare of the Division.
•Engage in fund raising activities to generates funds to execute its programmes.
•Involve in such other activities which may directly or indirectly enhance its aims and objectives.

Some of the achievements of the Group so far include: Completion of lkorodu Town Hall •Preparation and production of a master plan for lkorodu Division •Organization of Coaching Lessons for SS1-SSIll Students Organization of Career Guidance Talks for Students of Secondary Schools •Organization of Visiting Tutor Programmes in Public Secondary Schools •Organization of Mathematics Workshop for Secondary School Teachers •Invitation and admission of prominent sons and daughters of the Division into the lkorodu Division Hall of Fame •Establishment of children and adult libraries within the premises of lkorodu Town Hall •Presentation to both state and federal governments on creation of additional local government for the Division and on various issues of interest to lkorodu Division

Establishment of lIkorodu Division Industrial and Investment Promotion Council (DIIPC) which organized the 1st Trade Fair in the Division tagged “IKORODU DIVISION EXPO 2000”, Organizing annual Memorial Lecture in honour of late Prot. A. A. Adegbola, PhD, FAS, •Presentation of a memorandum to the National Political Reforms Conference held in Abuja in March 2005 •Establishment of Prof. A. A. Adegboa Science Centre at LASPOTECH •Ikorodu Organization of Education Stakeholders’ Summits in lkorodu Division •Establishment of l korodu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) •Successful sponsorship of four medical Doctors in collaboration with AKD-USA, Chicago.

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