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In the world of teachers across Ikorodu division, One name stands out amongst the rest for his work ethic and fervent drive to elevate the teaching profession.

Comrade fakolade oluwaseun oluwafemi Jp, the chairman of Nigeria Union of Teachers (Ikorodu Branch) has been applauded and hailed overtime by leaders, institutionalists and teachers in his sphere within and outside Ikorodu.

From a distance, one can easily perceive his decorum of discipline and orderliness to lead the teachers union. It prompted Ikorodu News Network (INN) to deem it necessary to have a close chat with Comrade Samuel Ilesanmi and access the state appraisal level of Comrade Fakolade Oluwafemi (3-weeks into returning as Chairman NUT Ikorodu Branch).

Comrade Samuel Ilesanmi (Auditor 1, Lagos State NUT) was designated by the State chairman (Otunba Adeshina Adedoyin) of Nigeria Union of Teachers to ascertain the medical program which was organised by the NUT Ikorodu Branch on the 17th of July 2021.

According to comrade Samuel Ilesanmi “Anybody that wants to make an absolute change in a system must first get his or herself involved in the system, Comrade Fakolade embodies that fashion. He is the chairman today, but even before he got there he was working rigorously to grow the teaching profession as far as I can remember”

“In performance, Fakolade is one of the most outstanding chairmen in Lagos state as a whole. Because, when you think about it, there is no chairman in the NUT Lagos state today organising a medical program to support school administrators barely 3-weeks of returning into office, not just a program, it is indeed unique and beautiful”

“Just look at his first four years in retrospect, The gym in the Teachers house was completed by him, One of the best Nigeria Union Of Teachers Cooperatives package plan to empower teachers in saving money to provide for their families is projected here in Ikorodu Branch, and today if teachers need money through that plan they will access it”

“Last year during the world teachers day, NUT Ikorodu Branch rewarded teachers with cars courtesy of comrade ‘Fako’ and his team. He has gradually transformed the mode of operations by his synergistic style of approach to bringing solutions in this profession”

“Frankly speaking, there are a lot of challenges in the sector, the dues we collect can’t provide the adequate remedy we quest for, but Fako always look outside the box, he projects beyond the union dues, he solicits corporate bodies and other institutions for adequate support, that has made him bridge the gap over time and has solidified his acceptance by colleagues which brought him back for the 2nd term”

“His high-performance level has made it possible for him to change the face of NUT not only in Ikorodu but all of Lagos State, If other branches can apply his leadership strategies and approach (it will impact greatly on all local government plus the state would have less work to do), I am certain that Nigeria Union of teachers will become a force to reckon with at all spheres in Nigeria”

“Teachers need to be encouraged, and Fako knows how to cater for Teachers, that’s why educational administrators must rally round leaders like Fakolade in order for them to be more productive because it is not a one man’s job”

“What he is doing indicates that he knows his worth, leadership is not just leading, it is about positive impact, and by ‘FAKO’s standard, he has done tremendously well. The reward for hard work is more work so he should not be carried away by the praise he is receiving from all corners”

“He received an Award and commendation letter from the State NUT chapter (at the SEC meeting Executive council) recently due to his performance and accomplishments, and I believe if he doesn’t relent in his discharge of duties, the sky will be his stepping stone” Comrade Samuel Ilesanmi Added

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