• 16 Jan 2022 7:24 pm


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With agenda to promote health and wellbeing by educating, motivating and advocating for Fitness Restructuring in Ikorodu, The long-awaited Ikorodu fitness Festival (IFF) is set to take place a the ferry terminal popularly known as Dangote in Ikorodu on the 28th of August 2021.

The first of its kind fitness program in Ikorodu which recently gained the attention and support of the director general of Lagos state sports commission (Hon Oluwatoyin Gafaar Bolowotan) is poise to use Fitness as a factor to rescue hopeless youths from the street, minimising rape cases among young girls, Creating employment opportunities and improving the public health conditions of youths and adults alike.

“The event will feature; Non-stop dance Cardio aerobics anchored by Professional celebrities & fitness coaches, Workout games challenges such as the squat, press-ups, etc and lots of prizes to go home with” Odufeko Tolulope Puka (Event Organiser)

Other side attractions such as skipping, tug of wars, battle ropes, stretches and yoga, health and food talk. A complete package atmosphere of fun full fitness hang out will be projected” Puka Added

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