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Gen 12:3, Gal 3:13-14, We have a destiny of greatness in redemption. Hos 4:6 No one believer have an advantage over the other. Isa 59:8

God leads His people into peace and pleasantness Ps 85:5, prov 3:17. We enjoy pressure free lifestyle. ps 23:1-2, No matter how much we may claim to know, no one knows the future like God who created it. Jer 1:5

What Our Destiny Looks Like in Redemption:
Gen 17:5-7, Gal 3:29, We have a destiny of global relevance. Ps 87:1-7, micah 4:1-2, Dan 7:27, Matt 5:13-14, Deut 28:1, Responding promptly to the instructions from God is the cheapest way to get to the top. Gen 22:2. We are built for the top, but only God can lead us there.

Seeking for GOD’S leading is a choice and also following Him is also a choice. He leaves us to decide for to do. Lk 9: 54. He doesn’t force His will on us. His ways are not lower than our ways, His ways are higher. No amount of civilisation can ever catch up with God. John 7:15. Whatever we need are in His leading.

How God Leads
He leads us through 5 major channels:

• Through the voice of God behind His word which we call Rhema. Isa 34:6, 36:16, 2 tim 3:15-16. Behind every statement of scriptures is His voice. 1 cor 2:14. Only spiritual men and women can access the voice of God through their spirit. Ps 34:5 when God tell you what to do, don’t look for who can do it, just fix your eyes on God. Deut 8:18, Rev 1:10,
• Through the voice of the HOLY Spirit: 1 John 5:7, John 16:13-4, Gal 5:25, make sure you tune in to the spirit to hear the voice of God.
• Through the witness of the spirit: The holy Ghost communicating and sending signals with our spirit. Rom 8:16, Acts 16:6-10, you may neither hear any sound, nor see any vision but the HOLY Ghost just puts a check in your spirit.
• Through heavenly vision: Acts 10:11-16, you can be born again and be canal. 1 cor 3:1, when you walk in the spirit, you can receive heavenly visions. Gal 2:25
• Through the prophets sent our way: Lk 4:27 God still sends messages to His people through His people. 2 pet 1:16,

How to access divine guidance:
• Have genuine crave: Jer 29:11-13
• Prov 3:6 Trust in God
• Open up to the revelation of the word: ps 119:105, Eph 5:24,22 you can’t triumph excusing yourself from the truth, you only triumph by Engaging the truth.

How to know when God is leading you:
• Phil 4:7, ps 23:2 watch out for peace
• Ps 16:11 watch out for joy

Encounter with Destiny:
Eph 1:5 We are predestinated for a great destiny through salvation. You become a child of destiny through your salvation.
Rom 8:29-30. We have A destiny of glory that is void of shame and reproach. Rev 5:10. We have a mountain top destiny. matt 5:14

We have a destiny to be envied and not to be pitied. Gal 4:28

How to get to your glorious destiny:
Rom 8:28
• Have a genuine heart for God and for the interest of His kingdom. Matt 6:33, John 14:21.
• Obey His word: The most authentic proof of love is delight some obedience to His word. 2 cor 8:9, 1 cor 2:9 Matt 22:36-40
• Prov 22:29 Be diligent: It is work that enhances our worth. There must be a demand on our body if we must fulfill our glorious destiny. Gen 13:14, Take life one step at a time. Doing nothing wrecks destiny.
• Be committed to a life of prayer and praise. isa 30:29-30 always ask Him questions at every cross road and praise Him for every new phase He brings you into.

I am a child of destiny, I refuse to live like a destitute.

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