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Organisers of Miss Arts Nigeria 2021 Pageant/Reality show has introduced ‘Rep-Your-Culture’ teaser to further enlighten young aspiring ladies participating in the event.

The artistic show which recently received endorsement from the Lagos state ministry of Art, Culture and Tourism has kicked off its nationwide registration process for social ladies between the ages of 18 to 29.

“This idea embodies what the competition is all about before the shows kick off duration. ‘Rep-Your-Culture’ teaser will help participants go back to their roots and get a proper grip of their tradition, way of life which includes their local food preparation and dress patterns etc” Mr Akinyemi Samuel (Head Of Marketing & Creativity)

“In the course of attaining greener pastures, a lot of individuals put their culture on the back burner, Rightfully so in all states, We only know our stories, not our roots. The interjection of the ‘Rep-Your-Culture’ concept is to give all our participants a rude awakening of their respective base”

“By so doing, not only participants will understand how to represent their heritage as we put up this first of a kind event, but they will also present a more marketable value and leverage to the native regions which would attract the eyes of the world to our tradition” Mr Akinyemi Samuel Asserted

According to the CEO Oshodi Art Gallery and Executive Producer Miss Arts Nigeria 2021 Pageant/Reality Show, Dr Oshodi Paul recently stated that the grand finale will hold in Lagos state after rigorous auditions have taken place across the 36 states in Nigeria.

“We believe that this Show will be a stepping stone to redefining TV reality presentation due to the infusion of storylines into our beauty, Arts and cultural heritage”

“Not to talk about the level of empowerment we’ll offer every participant to become self productive in their career endeavours” Dr Oshodi Paul Added

The show comes up on the fall of 2021 and registration is done exclusively online at www.missartsnigeria.com

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