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Aug 17, 2021

A student of Federal Government College, Kwali, Abuja, Yahaya Nuhu, was reportedly beaten to death by his teacher for failing to do his homework.

It was gathered that the sad incident happened on Monday, August 9, 2021, when the teacher, Mrs Dorcas Gibson, severely beat Yahaya with a bucket handle on his head until the boy collapsed.

According to the report, when the school authorities realized that the boy had died as a result of the beating, they quickly arranged a van to take his body to the school clinic and later Rema Clinic to cover up the murder.

The school authority was said to have informed the family that their son died of malaria, as the family took the loss in good faith without suspecting foul play.

Meanwhile, two days after Yahaya’s death, that fresh facts revealed the cause of Yahaya’s death emerged when a group of schoolmates visited the family to sympathise with them.

According to the testimony of the schoolmates of the deceased, Yahaya had told the teacher about his indisposition when she requested that homework be submitted. Dissatisfied with the late student’s response, the teacher ordered him to remove weed as punishment. After completing the task, the teacher then started beating him until he fell and died.

“During Period 8, Mrs Gibson entered and requested for assignment submissions. Yahaya and I failed to submit and as a result, she ordered us to take out the weed.

“Yahaya had informed the teacher he was ill and didn’t do the assignment. Nevertheless, she ordered us to clear the weeds, after which we returned to class.

“His head was resting on the desk due to the illness but she severely beat him on the head with a metal bucket handle until he passed out,” one of the students narrated.

It was gathered that when the family approached the school authorities on the issue, a meeting was organised on August 11 and 13, 2021, during which the school management admitted that the late student was brutalized.

Sources at the meeting disclosed that the school authorities had pleaded with the parents to forgive “all that has happened as fact-finding would only lead to displeasure.”

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