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Abisola Ruth Olusanya is the commissioner for agriculture in Lagos state, A brilliant mind and managerial expert in the agricultural sector, her approach to increasing food production and improving the sectors value chain is second to none.

As the world marked International youth day, Ikorodu News Network (INN) met the honourable commissioner (also a recipient of the prestigious Ikorodu News Network (INN) of recognition awards class 2020) to orientate Lagosians on their approach to agriculture in fostering effective business growth.

INN: Can you tell us about the recent activation of the Lagos Agripreneur Program on enterprise execution for women and youth?

Abisola Ruth Olusanya: Activation of the Lagos agripreneur program for 3000 businesses for women and youths is an empowerment programme, One aspect is to train people and another point is for them to put the training to work for profitable measures. The idea is to change the trajectory of how to keep the ball rolling by providing a framework for women and youths to have a sustainable business. They underwent training at our facility in araga from poultry to Aqua-culture.

“Poultry trainees received input of lay, medication and feed to raise poultry bed to the tune of almost 2 million naira per beneficiary, those in the aqua-culture sector to raise catfish got 700 fingerlings with medication and fish feed to the tune of 400 thousand naira per beneficiary. They got trained free of charge and also free accommodation to sustain their drive thus keeping them in a state of focus towards profit maximisation”

“Trainees are also using our facilities free of charge for the next 7 months plus free extension services, so the Lagos state government is single-handedly holding all participants to ensure that they end up becoming an economic asset stimulator via agriculture in their respective businesses”

“Food production through this Agripreneur program is enhanced by encouraging our women and youths in creating a conducive environment for every prospect to thrive effectively”

INN: The Lagos State Government is indeed putting in work to advance the food industry. How should people approach agriculture as a medium to make ends meet?

Abisola Ruth Olusanya: Agriculture must be approached from a business angle, not a retirement plan or a hobby. Most people see agriculture as a pass time project plan bringing down its productive drive. It is usually an afterthought for some people too.

“We should liken agriculture to an acquired vehicle, it is a profitable investment plan that needs upkeep for it to be fully utilise. The longer it is sustained and maintained the longer the harvest and proceeds”

“In this era, we all must see the values embedded in the agricultural sector and the lasting advantage it embodies, That is part of His Excellency, Executive Governor Of Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu administrative plan to develop the sector” Abisola Olusanya added

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