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Ikorodu metropolitan lions club created awareness on diabetes and cancer to residents in Ikorodu west LCDA on the 21st of August 2021.

The sensitisation and free diabetes tests which took place at the Goshen Pentecostal mission, Asolo axis in the densely populated Agric region of Ikorodu division saw men, women and youths converging at the religious sanctuary for 3 hours.

Project Spearheaded under the leadership of President Lion Babatunde Shobowale NLCF, participants were adequately empowered on the need for frequent check-ups to avert chronic diabetes or cancer-related sickness.

According to Dr (Mrs) Ojumoro Faith (program special counsellor) “Cancer is abnormal cell growth, although generally uncommon, are as real in Nigeria as in another part of the world. Paediatric cancer is curable, and at worst controllable, if reported early to hospital and specialised cancer centres. Various types of cancers affect the child population (0-19years), Childhood cancers are not infectious, and cannot be transmitted from one person to person.

“There are factors that put our children at risk which includes; Genetic and familial predisposition, Developmental problems in the womb, exposure to infections such as EBV, HIV, HPV, Exposure to radiations and toxic chemicals e.g indoor pesticides, Previous cancer treatments and Exposure to smoking”

“Parents can help their children against such risks by; Not using tobacco, and do not allow Anyone to smoke around their children (second-hand smoking). Protect your child from sunburn to prevent skin cancers, Feed them healthy diets with fibres, fruits and vegetables, avoid processed meats, excessive red meat and salt intake, Encourage exercise and keep your children at healthy body weights, Limit their exposure to chemicals e.g. indoor pesticides, Limit your alcohol consumption, Avoid certain kinds of infections that could cause a suppressed immune system by timely vaccinations, and discourage indiscriminate sexual practices and hard drug use in your teenagers, Visit a hospital and specialised cancer centres, when the early warnings signs are present in your child, Signs of Childhood Cancer Continued, unexplained weight loss, Headaches, often with early morning vomiting Increased swelling or persistent pain in bones joints, back, or legs Lump or mass, esp, in the abdomen, neck, chest, pelvis, or legs, Development of excessive bruising, bleeding, or rash, Constant recurrent infections, A whitish colour behind the pupil Nausea which persists or vomiting with or who seizure, Constant tiredness or noticeable paleness, Eye or vision changes which occur suddenly and persists, Recurrent or persistent fevers of unknown origin”

“On the other hand, Diabetes means that your blood sugar is too high. Blood sugar comes from the food you eat; having too much sugar in your body is not healthy. There are 3 types of diabetes but type 2 is very common and can be prevented. Diabetes is a disease shared by young and old, rich and poor. Many people do not know they have it until it is very late. Diabetes is deadly and it is now common amongst us. Many people are dying from the complications of diabetes”

“The most common, type 2, can be prevented or delayed. if you have diabetes, proper management can make you live a full and healthy life. Diabetes can be handled or managed by losing weight, eating healthy foods and engaging in moderate physical activity like walking” Dr Ojumoro faith added

Lion Tunji Oredipe (service chairperson) further admonished residents to adhere to the instructions given by the health expert to prevent chronic illness from either diabetes or cancer. He also urged participants to take their frequent check-ups seriously as one can not know their health status unless they visit medical institutions.

Former Ikorodu Metropolitan lions club President, Lion Ahmed Ajayi in his speech encouraged residents to imbibe the spirit of service to humanity as a way to transform their lives.

“As lions, we support different communities in Ikorodu division not because we have it all, but simply because we have the heart to give from the little we possess. You also can do the same to make our inner cities better and more loving, fostering growth on the long-haul”

“I thought lions club is specially created for rich and elite personalities in the society until I found out that it’s open for all, only if we have the genuine heart of servicing humanity to the best of our capacity” lion Ahmed Ajayi Asserted

The club president, lion Babatunde Shobowale NLCF later thanked every resident that came out to be a part of the awareness campaign, and also the lion’s volunteer members that came together to make the program a success.

Free diabetes test for all participants was further executed with medical prescriptions given to each resident afterwards.

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