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John 8:32, Dan 11:32, is a 60:1-3, ps 119:130, If you follow His leading, He causes you to keep shining. The light of scriptures usually creates an enviable future. Isa 60:8, Light empowers believers for a flight. Isa 60:22. How spiritual understanding of how God leads and following it will make us see His wonders.

How to access divine guidance

• Create a serene and quiet environment because GOD’S leading comes through a still small voice. 1 kgs 19:11-16, 2 kgs 2:15, prov 18:1, 1 pet 3:4, John 10:27, 2 Tim 3:15.
• Through the ministry of teaching priest: 2 chro 15:3-6, They GOD’S agents for guidance. Pride does not sell in the kingdom, it destroys. It takes meekness to subject yourself to the ministry of teaching priests. Ps 36:9, ps 45:4, John 6:6, 13. We see light through the light that they have and share with us.
• Through joy and rejoicing: Isa 43:18, The devil goes about depressing people to rob them of access to the way forward. Isa 30:29-31, ps 89:15. Without joy, you can’t hear Him. Ps 16:11, To access the path of life, you need joy. The past is irreparable, please keep going forward. Don’t let the devil hold you captive by your past and don’t think that God is holding it against you. Remove anything that won’t let you see the way forward from your mind. Whatever breaks your joy is an enemy, because it will rob you of access to divine direction.

Biblical proof of Being Led by the spirit: 1 thes 5:20-21

  • Supernatural Insight on how to go about His leading: He reveals to us the way to go about making the most of that leading. Isa 48:17, He teaches us how to get there.
    Every vision is accompanied by revelation on how to go about it.
    When you can’t see the way, please check it.
    He inspires us on the way to go.
    Please don’t run off with a vision, wait for the instruction on how to go about it before you proceed.
  • Liberty of the Spirit: 2 cor 3:17 Your spirit man is free. Immediately you notice any form of tension in your spirit, please watch it. When God leads, it is always tension free.
    Ps 23:3,
    Acts 20:22, Paul was bound by the spirit against going to Jerusalem but he ignored it and ended up paying for it with his life.

Covenant Day of Restoration

Rom 8:29-30, The ultimate of our redemption is glorification. 2 pet 1:3 He has called us into glory and honour and not shame and reproach.
• We serve the God of times and seasons that makes everything beautiful in His time. Eccl 3:1, 11.
• Every revival season is a season of restoration. Zeph 3:17-20.
• Revival time is a time of restoration of glory. Prov 11:30, 3:35
• Revival time is a time for comfort that culminates in glory. isa 61:1-7, Joel 2:23-27,

Covenant platform to sustain our restoration:
• Stay in love with God Rom 8:28, 1 John 5:3, John 14:21,
• Keep honouring God: 1 Sam.2:30, Matt 6:33.
There’s always what to do to keep the hand of God at work in your life.

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