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Prior to 1980, pupils who completed their elementary school education in Ibeshe and its vicinity were being posted to Ikorodu township for their secondary school education. The then traditional ruler of Ibeshe, late Oba Adewamiri Ayokulehin Olaide then presented a proposal to the Lagos State Government at the time.

When the school was founded in 1980, the name was Ibeshe Community Grammar School, in line with late Lateef Kayode Jakande’s vision. In fact, the first graduating set in 1985, graduated under that name. Later, the late Oba Olaide, the then Olubeshe of IbesheLand who was instrumental to the founding of the school, pushed it to the government to rename the school.

He then proposed the name Keme Balogun College Ibese. The name is in memory and honour of Keme Addo Balogun, who was the founder of Ibeshe land. The school was split into junior and senior school in 2003 in line with the Lagos State new education policy. The junior and senior schools are then renamed Keme Balogun Junior College and Keme Balogun Senior College respectively.

The proposed scholarship scheme is in two parts: a part is in memory and honour of the late Oba Adewamiri Ayokulehin Olaide, and the second part is a way to give back to his alma mater by Prince Kayode Emmanuel Olaide, who is an alumnus of the school after 30 years of graduating from the school. The main activities for the event are as follows:

Scholarship schemes
Oba Adewamiri Ayokulehin Olaide Memorial Scholarship: Best student in each class & Indigent students

Prince Kayode Olaide Scholarship: Best student in Mathematics in each class & Best WAEC/NECO result

Launching of Oba Adewamiri Olaide Memorial Foundation: Inaugural project & Borehole water for Keme Balogun Junior College Ibeshe.

N300,000 per annum Scholarship Award (subject to upward review)

Scholarship categories

Overall best student in JS1
Overall best student in JS2
Overall best student in JS3
Overall best student in Mathematics JS1
Overall best student in Mathematics JS2
Overall best student in Mathematics JS3
2 indigent students
N10,000 each

Overall best student in SS1
Overall best student in SS2
Overall best student in SS3
Best science student SS1
Best science student SS2
Best science student SS3
Best Art student SS1
Best Art student SS2
Best Art student SS3
Best commercial student SS1
Best commercial student SS2
Best commercial student SS3
Overall best student in Mathematics SS1
Overall best student in Mathematics SS2
Overall best student in Mathematics SS3
3 indigent students

  • N10,000 each
    Best student in WAEC exam- N20,000
    Best student in NECO exam- N20,000
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