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To transform lives across Ikorodu division, the Rotaract Club of Ikorodu Golden District 91110 Nigeria organised a club training and membership seminar to help members grow their drive in service to humanity.

The program took place at the harmony castle hall, Aga in Ikorodu LG on the 29th of August 2021.

With Rtn. Ayobami Babalola enlightening members on ‘Dedicated service to humanity; A purposeful life changer’ and Rtr. Adedeji A. Windapo orientating everyone on ‘Impacting lives, transforming society; essentials of true service’, the seminar was lauded by members of the club as a stepping stone to bring in more dedicated volunteers.

“Rotaract club is all about selfless service, the seminar today gave us that basic approach to put others first in projecting community development. Most times we support people we don’t know as a form of giving back to society” Rtr. Sulaimon Omolara (membership Director, Rotaract Club of Ikorodu Golden

“According to the first speaker, everyone joining the Rotaract club must have an objective at heart, there are things that must be put in place to successfully carry out the project activities”

“Timing is also key, there are people who are looking forward to joining the club, and whatever we do to set an example is very important, because you might not have a second chance to create a first impression”

“Standing as an inspiration for an intending Rotaractor is very important, because it will help that new member to develop the interest, that is exactly what our speaker is emphasizing on” Rtr. Sulaimon Omolara Added

“The essence of this program is to renew the commitment of our members and also charge them up on the real essence of the club, using it as a yardstick to get new intending rotaracts” Rtn. Adedeji Windapo (Immediate past head for Rotaract Club District 91110 Nigeria)

“No organisation functions without members, and at such we’re using this seminar to create a pathway for quality members across Ikorodu division to join us”

“Rotaract Club of Ikorodu Golden is just about 5years old and we’re beginning to pick up steam and expansion in our services to the community and beyond. There is little the government can do for us to make society a better place, Much of the work rests with us”

“We must all join hands in the developmental process to restructure our local communities and immediate environment. This is why I am calling on capable individuals with a heart to serve society, Join us and let’s put hands together to improve the standard of living for everyone, it is the theme of our seminar, which is ‘Dare to serve: Prepare to transform lives” Rtn. Adedeji Windapo asserted

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