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On Saturday 4th of September saw the official paradigm shift in the leadership of the National Association of Ikorodu Division students as newly elected executives were sworn in to advance the objective of the educative oriented union.

The event which took place at the Oba Semiu Kasali, Rotary vocational centre in Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA played host to brilliant minds, stakeholders and leaders across Ikorodu division.

With the theme ‘setting a trend of perpetual success in education, projecting keynote topic  ‘Students today: tomorrow champions of community transformation, the program brought in guests like Bldr Sesan Daini (Executive chairman Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA), Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba (Vice chairman Ikorodu LG) and Mr Femi Kareem (Vice chairman Ijede LCDA) to witness the swearing in of Opeyemi Damilare Kuti as the association new president.

Comrade Pelumi Olalekan Rado, in his keynote remark, stated “A student with a great and impactful vision is a Champion of community transformation”

“A student who thinks critically and finds solution to the socioeconomic problems around him/her, is a champion of community transformation. If you ask me what a student means today, I’ll say times have change. The definition of “student” once was “one who studies something”. Today it can mean merely “one who attends a school, college, university or an educational institution”. This modern definition doesn’t even suggest that the person does more than “attend”. College and university professors still use the first definition, and schools have ways (such as course requirements, exams and grades) to attempt to ensure that those who attend will also study and learn something”

“So what distinguishes a student? What makes the student stand out from the rest of the class? The four As: attitude, academic skills, awareness, and accomplishment, certainly are a large part of it, and a student who has them will be very likely to earn As:
Attitude is primarily a genuine desire to learn, and the willingness to do hard intellectual work to achieve understanding. It is also shown by how well you apply yourself even to subjects in which you have little interest, and how much you can achieve even when a professor’s style isn’t to your liking.
Academic skills include ability to read with comprehension, intelligent use of resources (including library and internet resources), logical and mathematical skills, efficient study habits, and the ability to communicate clearly and fluently when speaking and writing”

“Awareness of what’s going on in the world around you, and the habit of intelligently relating that to your academic courses. For example, when taking a course in political science, you should relate what you are learning in class to what’s happening on the national and world political scene. When taking a science course, you should relate scientific principles to phenomena you observe in everyday life, and go out of your way to find applications and examples of science in the real world”

“Accomplishment is demonstrated by successful application of understanding. The evidence of that includes: Correct and confident application of what you’ve learn to new problems and challenges, clear and effective communication of your understanding through speaking and writing, and possession of a base of information, skills and understanding sufficient to allow you to continue your education outside of the classroom, throughout your life.
Other qualities of a good student include:
Self-discipline: The successful student has learn to budget time and use it efficiently, and will do whatever needs to be done, when it must be done, whether or not one feels like it at the time”

“Initiative simply means doing things without being told. The student doesn’t wait for assignments to read ahead in the textbook, or to seek out and study related books to gain understanding. The good student does more problems or exercises than assigned, and does them even when none are assigned. The good student working in a science laboratory does not merely follow instructions (though that is an important skill) but looks for opportunities to discover new things, try new things, and find better methods. When an opportunity arises to do a project outside of class, the good student jumps at the chance and doesn’t even ask whether it will earn extra credit”

“Breadth of interests: College provides a great opportunity to broaden your interests and explore new things. You may never again have available to you such a convenient and comprehensive library, well-equipped laboratories, and such diverse and inexpensive cultural events and academic activities. Much education can occur outside of class, if you seek it. But if you confine yourself to the things you’ve always done, avoiding anything new and unfamiliar, you will have squandered a valuable opportunity. An open mind is a mind receptive to examination of new ideas and facts. Having an open mind does not mean that one jumps on the bandwagon of every new fad. A better portrayal of an open mind is one that is willing to dispassionately and rationally analyse new ideas, weighing them objectively against established knowledge and the facts at hand”

“A critical habit of mind: Education is more than the acquisition of information. It includes the ability to acquire new information, critically evaluate that information, and correctly and effectively use it. With so many information sources at our disposal in this computer age we are awash in information, and in danger of information overload. But much of that information is fraudulent, worthless, incomplete, or just plain wrong. It has always been so. Probably 90% of the books in any library could be lost with no harm to human knowledge. On the internet, that figure may be as high as 99%. But it’s not always easy to determine just which books are worth keeping. We are assaulted through every medium by folks trying to sell us something (with impressive claims of its value), to persuade us to accept some political or social idea, to convert us to some religion or philosophy, or to convince us of the value of some medical panacea. Most of this is humbug. One of the values of a good education is the ability to see through false claims, unfounded assertions and outright deceptions. By this criterion, education has largely been a failure, for many people who have college degrees are still suckers for snake-oil and perpetual-motion-machine peddlers”

“Perceptiveness: The more you learn, the more perceptive you become. You can, as necessary, “read between the lines.” You no longer need everything spelled out; you can fill in missing details. You aren’t dependent on being shown; you can puzzle things out for yourself. You perceive quickly what a writer or speaker means, without misinterpreting. You learn to seek the intended meaning of what you read or hear rather than trying to impose your own preconceived meaning. You can see through complexity to the heart of a matter. You are able to distinguish the important from the trivial in a serious discussion”

“Objectivity: Most of us begin our education with an “egocentric” view, expecting everything to have some relevance to our needs or desires. We even impose such interpretations on things we learn, and avoid learning some things because they don’t seem important at the time. Education can broaden that view, encouraging us to set our egos aside and objectively evaluate facts and interpretations. We find out that mere unsupported personal opinions have no value in an academic discussion. We learn to recognize the validity of facts and ideas that we may not like. We learn that other people and other cultures may interpret things differently, and that fact is not a-priori evidence that they are wrong. We learn that the world does not revolve around us, and the universe cares not at all whether we exist, or what we do. Education can give us humility”

“Humility: However much we learn, we must realise there’s a lot more to be discovered, and that some of what one `knows’ may turn out to be wrong. For this reason intellectual arrogance is unbecoming an educated person. Knowing lots of things is good, but knowing the limitations of one’s knowledge is essential to using it properly. Many of the classic errors of history were made by people over-confidently going beyond what they know and understood”

“Work to be educated, not merely trained. Do not be satisfied with memorized facts and the conclusions and opinions of others. Ask yourself how the facts were obtained, how conclusions were drawn from them, and how those conclusions were tested. Test your knowledge by frequently asking yourself: “Do you understand all you know about it?
Students’ Today are tomorrow’s visioners, they think about developing a clear, succinct vision to drive change. By creating a rationale that’s shared by leaders, they create the momentum for long-term impact” Comrade Olalekan Rado Added

The event migrated to a panel session which features Bayode Treasures-Olawunmi (Guinness World Record holder for the Longest Reading Marathon), Mr. Ibraheem Noheem Olayinka, B.Sc. Edu in Sociology (NUT Representative), Mrs Isiwele Adesalewa O. (M.Sc. Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management (NUT Representative) and Akinola Shasanya (National President, National Union of Lagos State Students (NULASS) on topics such as;

State of the Education System in Nigeria yesterday and today and the prospects?

Are we moving forward or Stagnant at the three levels of formal education (basic, Secondary and Tertiary)?

What has been done to reshape our Educational system? Its effect. (From points of view of individual’s area of specialisation – Teacher, Lecturers, technology professionals, policy makers etc.) What needs to be done?

Technology has become the order of the day globally, are we even developing in this area?

What are the challenges you experienced as teachers using this technology? How do you think this could be cushioned?

What more do we need to do in order to compete with other developed countries in this area?

Immorality among students, how it began from basic and secondary school. Who is to blame? Taking Ikorodu as a case study?

How Teachers/lecturers/government Contributes to Students Failure: Basic, Secondary and Tertiary Levels (Issues such as Strike, Sex for grade, Deliberate failure of Students etc.

In response to the panel questions coordinated by comrade Waliu Adeyeri from NAIDS National, Mr Bayode Treasures insisted that the Nigerian educational system is void of effective practice.

“These days it is all about acquiring the certificates, not even looking at the rudiments of going through the universities or polytechnics anymore. Anyhow one gets the certificate is the goal not the school in question”

“It is the reason why we’re not producing graduates who can live up to their responsibilities according to their proposed professional disciplines, it is sad and appalling”

“Though Lagos is among the states in Nigeria doing better in the area of education, our system needs to be improved. Education is now global, it builds a nation and also the world, it is the platform for any form of growth” Mr Bayode Treasures added

“I believe it is also the responsibility of parents to constantly encourage their children to take education more seriously” Akinola Shasanya

“Education speaks the language that the people understand, it trains the trainer, it presents a way of life that fosters nothing but effective growth. If it has to work for us then we must get it right at all areas to give better hope to the future leaders” Akinola Shasanya averred

“For changes to come into our educational system, our laboratories need to be upgraded, Our students must also learn to positively utilise the internet for profitable and positive gains” Mrs Isiwele Adesalewa

Covid-19 showed us the relevance of E-learning and how we can further adapt technologies to achieve different objectives at our fingertips” Mr Ibraheem Noheem Olayinka

The aftermath of the panel session created a communique that the association prepared for the government’s intervention.

“I had to leave all my schedules today to keep this inauguration ceremony, It is because anything that has to do with students must not be taken lightly. They are the leaders of tomorrow, But also those traits has started showing up today” Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba (Vice-Chairman Ikorodu LG)

“Each leadership comes in with their unique style of getting results and advancing Education across Ikorodu Division. With the calibre of young minds am staring at today, I am certain that nothing but the best will be achieved in projecting the basic student educational practices”

“No matter what we give you today, our support is continuous. The leadership should feel free to always beacon on me at any time for support. We’re together in this journey and I congratulate every one of them” Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba asserted

“It is a thing of joy to see a changing of the guard in leadership, it signifies new opportunities and medium to effect change for societal growth, culminating with a brilliant panel session” Mr Femi Kareem (Vice Chairman Ijede LCDA)

“Just like my elder sister and vice-chairman of Ikorodu Local Government said earlier, Be rest assured that we will support this new leadership in every possible way to grow education across our division”

“Standing in the capacity of my executive chairman of Ijede LCDA, I want to congratulate every one of the newly elected executives, we wish you more success ahead” Mr Femi Kareem averred

Bldr Sesan Daini in his closing remark urged the NAIDS leadership to constantly stay in touch with the local government council development areas for adequate follow up and support as it propels the new leadership.

“Endeavour to keep the council abreast with your projects, works and initiatives. Stay fervent in the solicitation for support, I will help your leadership to ensure you get across to our different arms, But it takes your tenacity to end up with positive tenure”

“Our success is yours and also your successful administration is our glory, so working together is the best way forward for all of us and I special congratulate the president for his emergence, I wish him all the best” Bldr Sesan Daini Added

In his appreciation speech, the newly elected president, Comrade Kuti damilare Opeyemi acknowledged stakeholders, leaders including families for their assistance towards the realisation of his emergence.

“Words cannot describe our level of gratitude to HRM Oba Abdul-Semiu Orimadegun Kasali Emugoriade 1 Adeboruwa Of Igbogbo Kingdom, His Eminence, Asiwaju Olorunfunmi R. Basorun”

“Bldr Olusesan Daini Mayorkun (Chairman Igbogbo LCDA), Hon Mrs Moturayo Ggbadebo-Alogba (Chairman Ijede LCDA), Mr Oladunni Hammed (Former Vice-Chairman Ikorodu North), Princess Folashade Oba (Vice-Chairman Ikorodu LG), Mr Kareem Femi (Vice-Chairman Ijede LCDA), Comrade Olalekan Pelumi Rado, Eng Lateefat Oduntan and Mrs. Akapo Adejoke. We will not let you down in this new era” Comrade Opeyemi Kuti Added

The program ended with the official swearing-in of the newly elected executives as certificates were also issued to them respectively.

The newly elected executives includes; Kuti Damilare Opeyemi, President ( Igbogbo), Idowu Kehide Esther, Vice President 1 (Imota), Amusa Nimota, Vice President 2 (Ikorodu central), Saheed Suliamon, General Secretary(Ikorodu Central), Oladunni Zainab, Director Of Studies (Ikorodu North), Anjorin Abimbola, Sports Director (Imota), Shakioye Farian Kanyinsola, Welfare Director (Ikorodu Central), Agbabiaka Hammed Owolabi, Publicity Director (Ijede), Wahab Latifat Olasunbo, Assistant General Secretary (Igbogbo)

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