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Understanding The Pathways To Godliness

The fiercest battle that man will ever be faced with is the battle against sin. Rom 7:18-24, Heb 12:2-4. The nature of sin is richly rooted in the nature of the fallen man making him predispose towards sin. What defiles is within and not majorly outwards but the answer comes from outside. Rom 7:24-26, Rom 8:1-2
Salvation is the only escape route from the life of sin. 2 cor 5:17 Salvation is the starting point for the battle against sin.

1 cor 6:9-11 Until the battle against sin is won, there’s no place for the individual in heaven.
Until the battle is won, there’s no pathway to heaven. 1 Tim 4:8 Godliness is the only virtue that answers both on earth and in heaven. Godliness holds the greatest value.

The only way for us to actualise the reality of righteousness is through the force of faith in the finished work of CHRIST.
John 19:20, 1 pet 2:24, JESUS death on the cross gives us the ability to dominate sin.
Rom 1:16-17 The righteousness of God can only be manifested by faith.

Cost of Ungodliness:
• It stirs unrest: Isa 48:22 The individual that is ungodly is a victim of unrest. Isa 32:17 He’s always agitated. Prov 28:1 If you want to secure rest, you must live a godly life.
• It blocks access to divine secrets: Ps 25:14 Only those who walk in the fear of God are entitled to the secrets of God. Dan 1:8 Remember that the secrets of God make a man a star dan 2:9,46. Job 1:3, 29:4 You can’t carry divine secrets and be neglected in life.
Isa 60:2-3 When you carry divine secrets, you are a centre of attraction.
When you carry the secrets that men are seeking, you become the person that men are seeking.
• It blocks our access to divine wisdom: If wisdom is your desire, then godliness is the pathway. Gen 39:9,42:18, 41:39-40,
Joseph’s wisdom came as a result of his consecrated life. Sin blocks our access to wisdom.

God never holds our past against us, but He will only write them off when we repent.
Eze 18:20-24 The past is of no consequence if we are ready to repent.
Make no excuse for sin because every one of us will stand before God individually.
Don’t allow men to applaud you when God is angry with you due to your sin. 2 cor 13:5

Demands for Godliness:
• Purpose in your heart to live a godly life drawing from the finished work of CHRIST by faith: Every provision of redemption is only delivered by faith. Isa 53:5, Matt 1:21, judges 16:23, JESUS came to rescue us from our sin.
Rom 3:21-22, Phil 3:9, 1 John 5:4, 2:15-16. Ever stay true to God, you can’t fake it with God. There’s no habit you cannot conquer by faith. Dan 1:8 The duty to decide is ours, but the power to enforce it is with God. When we make the decision, God empowers us to dominate and overcome that sin. Hab 2:4, Gal 3:11, Heb 10:38, Rom 1:17
Find an issue that is compromising your stand with God and attack it by the knowledge of the finished work by faith.
• Stay on the word: GOD’S word is one of the cleansing mediums of the believer.
Ps 119:9-11, John 15:3, Eph 5:26 Get committed to studying the word daily. John 17:17 GOD’S word Carrie’s sanctifying power.
Rom 12:2 Make it a habit to start your day with GOD’S word to sanitize your spirit, soul and body because the world we live in is a dirty word.
Anything that can take you out of GOD’S word can drag you into the world.
Temptations come to all but can only trap some.
• Watch and pray because Satan is always on the hunt for us. Lk 22:30-31, 1 pet 5:8-9, 2 Thes 2:3, 1 cor 8:2, 10:12, Matt 26:69-71, Mk 13:37, Matt 26:41
You can add FASTINGS to escape the captivity of temptations.
When a man is spiritually charged, the enemies keep their distance.

Breaking Invisible Barriers

Invisible barriers are real. Matt 13:23-28, 1 John 4:4, 5:4 We have what it takes to clear all Invisible barriers.


What to Do To Break Invisible Barriers:
• Become a child of God and you’ve become a child

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