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With more than 175,000 children diagnosed with cancer in a year, and mortality rate over 96,000 children in a year, Ikorodu diamond lions club staged an orientation program for nursing mothers on childhood cancer at the Ibeshe primary health centre in Owode-Ibehse community on the 8th of September 2021.

The program was executed in conjunction with Children Living with Cancer Foundation with aims to provide earlier measures of creating solutions to the pain inflicting and deadly illness.

In the opening brief, Lion Idowu admonished mothers to stay on alert in checking their children health status.

“Cancer in children is not acknowledge by parents. Whenever we see our children ill we actually feel it’s malaria. Cancer can affect children like adult though it’s different”

“A child between 0-2 can have cancer of the eye. Between 2-3 a child can have cancer of the kidney. Cancer of the brain is also common in children, the bone, upper and lower limbs. Cancer of the blood (leukemia) is also common. Parents must understand that the signs of malaria and leukemia are very similar” Lion Idowu Added

According to Mrs Nneka Obi (Convener, Children living with Cancer Foundation) “Although, there are over a dozen types of childhood cancer and hundred of different sub types of cancer. But the most common childhood cancer is Leukaemia which is Cancer of blood forming tissues, including bone marrow. This cancer kills faster than malarial and every other diseases combined”

“Some parents are unaware of the fact that their children have cancer, which is very cultural to us in this part of the world. Almost 98% of women are not aware of this highly deadly disease, which is the reason for more of this awareness to educate everyone”

“Mothers should do more exercise, eat more vegetables, avoid air pollution, stop smoking, breastfeed their babies longer, avoid antibiotics, monitor their children diets, amongst other” Mrs Nneka Obi Added

Standing in the capacity of also translating the teaching in yoruba dialect, the president of Ikorodu Diamond lions club in her remarks stated, “When the eyes of a child looks bruised or changed in anyway, that child should be taken for proper medical check up. Discovering lumps in any part of the body should be taken seriously and checked out by the parent as well”

“Parents should not be lazy to bath their children in order for them to spot out body signs which would prompt their response to subjecting that child for proper medical check up. When a child wakes up and starts vomiting, urinating blood, having chronic headaches and staggering, such abnormal reactions should be taken seriously by the parents”

“Under the chin and behind the ears are areas the doctor would check to see if a child has symptoms of cancer related sickness. Children might be very quiet and low, it is the responsibility of parents to examine them at all times to detect every uncommon reactions from them”

“Some parents are specialists in buying ankara and displaying themselves, they don’t buy good food to eat or even cater for their families with the right nutritional food supplements”

The Club President Lion Roseline Ogunlana on the later appreciated the Executive Chairman of Igbogbo Bayeku Local Government, Honourable Builder Olusesan Mayokun Daini with his amiable Secretary, Honourable Barrister Ayeni and the management of the PHC for given them the opportunity to carry out the Children Cancer Awareness within the community and the nursing mothers at the centre. Also encouraged the beneficiaries to put what they heard or learnt to act and also spread the news around to stop this diseases in our midst.

Another Lion member in attendance was Lion Helen Ruth (Past President).

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