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Celebration galore at Ohanaeze Ndigbo secretariat, powerline axis of Itamaga in Ikorodu as Hon SOB Agunbiade received chieftaincy conferment from the prestigious Ohanaeze Ndigbo (Nzuko Ndigbo Nile) Ikorodu central LG Lagos state.

The official coronation which dated 15th of September 2021 saw the Lagos state house of assembly majority leader representing Ikorodu constituency 1 positioned with high accolades in the confines of the Igbo community due to his empowerment schemes that has impacted the Lagos based, eastern ethnic group.

“To all Igbos in Ikorodu division and Lagos State, we want to let you know that with this coronation event, peace has come to stay with us in the entire Ohanaeze Ndigbo community. The days of back biting and false accusations are over, we’re working together in unity to promote the common good of our existence” Mazi Daniel Uchechukwu Eze (Chairman Ohanaeze Ndigbo Ikorodu Central)

According to the Chairman of Ohanaeze Ndigbo of lagos state, Chief Solomon Ogbonna “As our majority leader is crowned today, he becomes half yoruba and half Igbo. The leadership has gathered everyone to grace this special occasion due to the reputation of our majority leader not only in Ikorodu division but also in all of lagos state. The lagos state Ohanaeze Ndigbo is crowing the ML to show our support and appreciation of his good works”

“Covering his head with our traditional cap means Anointing, the Akufe (hand fan) is use to drive away evil spirits, the chieftaincy robe is meant to secure him from bad relationships and the staff is a sign of his dominance and reputation in everything he does.We’re given the ML one of our traditional staff, officially titling him as the Omemma Ndigbo 1 of Ikorodu Kingdom” Chief Solomon Ogbonna averred

“Hon SOB Agunbiade will be our voice in Lagos state. He’s now one of us, always let us know whenever you need us for support, we’re here to assist you” High Chief John Ubani (Akaeze Ndigbo of Ikorodu & Chairman of Occasion)

In his appreciation remarks the majority leader stated “Today is a realisation to the revelation of me looking like an Igboman.
After today I will start learning how to speak the Igbo language. In Africa and the world, it is known that the Igbos are industrious anywhere they go. I accept this honour and am proud to be half yoruba and half Igbo”

“I am happy to know that I did not buy this title. I have good relationship with a lot of Igbo members in Ikorodu division, Lagos state and across the nation. I share in their strides and goodwill”

“Igbos are pragmatic and enterprising, they are the kind of breeds that understand whatever they venture into to make ends meet either within our national shores or abroad, I have traveled out and I can attest to it. We will continue to do for humanity, and I am honoured for the distinguished personalities who has gathered here because of me. All I need is your prayers and support as we continue to elevate for more empowerment to be delivered to our brothers and sisters”

“For members who are farmers having problems with their farms, we’re working on it to strengthen the investment that has been made already. This title is another challenge for me to do more, and I promise not to disappoint Ohanaeze Ndigbo community in Ikorodu and all of lagos state” Hon SOB Agunbiade Asserted

Amongst other special guests at the coronation event were Chief Vitus Ogbonna (Deputy President Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State), Chief Everest Ozonweke (Secretary Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos state), High Chief Damien Okoye (Former President), Chief Mrs Violet Obiora (Woman Leader Ohanaeze Ndigbo Lagos State), HRH Eze Osondu Augustine (Eze Oha Of Lagos State), Chief Reuben Nwako (Omobawale 1 Of Ikorodu Kingdom), Chief Godwin Emeahu, Chief Oliver Akubueze, Uche Dimgba, Chief Mrs Kate Onyechere (Senior Special Adviser to Abia State Governor), Chief Ossai Sunday, Chief Anslem Njoku (Chairman Ndigbo APC), Chief Onyiba Mba (Okpukpu Nyiri Agu 1 of Ikorodu), Chief Daniel Emeka, Princess Ifeoma Okpala and Princess Ezuma Chinyerem Scholastica (Ada Igbo gburugburu of Igbo Speaking community lagos state)

The majority leader was subsequently honoured with an award for his sustained commitment to the welfare, unity, peace and progress of the Igbo community both in Ikorodu division and lagos state by Eze Osondu Augustine Nwego (Oha Eze Lagos State).

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